Where Can I Get My Passport Renewed?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Dec 22 2017

Chances are you’re like one of so many travelers who never pays too close attention to their passport expiration date until it’s too date. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about – with adult US passport lasting at least ten years, it’s certainly understandable how someone might not remind themselves at age 45 what they were doing at 35. However, once you are aware the date when you can no longer travel internationally is quickly approaching, where can you go for your passport renewed?


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If you’re living abroad

Most countries don’t even offer entry to passport holders unless they have at least six months’ validity left on their books, and if you have less than a year, there’s a good chance immigration officials in any country would remind you at the border crossing. However, if you’ve been living abroad for over a year or just lost track of time after bouncing between a few countries, never fear.

All US embassies and consulates are able to renew ten-year passport books for citizens in addition to the plethora of services they provide. While some do accept applications by mail for entries and returns, it’s wiser to only do this if you have a stable address abroad in the event the renewal is delayed. In other cases, simply dropping off the application in person or having a legal representative do it on your behalf is the best option.

Note: It is technically possible to ship your passport book or card back to the US to be renewed, but this would essentially leave you without an internationally recognized ID or a way to leave the country if something went wrong.

If you’re transiting abroad

If you have more than six months’ validity on your passport but would like to get a jump on the renewal during a prolonged stopover, the best option is to apply in person at a US embassy or consulate. Be advised that though consular officers can process regular passport renewals, they recommend you have at least two weeks in the country to account for the processing time.

Renewing your passport book on a short stopover is certainly possible, but it’s best to get your affairs in order before handing it over to the embassy: hotels usually require passports to check in, and any train or bus ticket office may also not accept a state-issued ID. If you happen to have two passport books, renewing one of them while abroad is certainly possible, but entry to the country should be done on the passport you don’t plan on renewing, to keep proof of legal entry accessible.

If you’re in the United States

The most common way to renew a passport if you’re currently in the US is by mail, sending your old passport, a passport-sized photo, an $80 processing fee, and the DS-82 application form. While this method offers applicants the convenience of doing everything from their home – save getting new passport photos – it’s also the slowest way to get a renewed passport; applications can take several weeks during peak season.

Another option for renewals domestically is making an appointment at a nearby regional passport office. While these offices do guarantee faster processing times than applications by mail, the fees and requirements increase accordingly: a $25 execution fee is added for in-person requests, and usually the passport holder needs to provide documentation (proof of travel, death in the family, etc.)

If you’re in a hurry

While all of these methods are accessible to international travelers – and unavoidable if you happen to be abroad – the fastest way to get a passport renewal remains booking Travel Visa Pro’s Emergency Service. After passing along your expired passport book or card, our staff can assist with everything else:

– Travel Visa Pro offices are equipped with cameras and white backgrounds for quick and professional passport photos.
– Our travel experts can guide you through the DS-82 application form and explain all the fees.
– We can make appointments at the nearest regional passport agency and expedite your application.

Under this TVP service, your renewed passport book or card won’t take weeks to process, but mere hours – an eight-hour turnaround is possible in many cases.

Where can you get your passport renewed question- answered, where would you prefer to renew your passport?