Where Can I Renew my Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Sep 21 2017

When it comes time after so many years – or months, if you’re a particularly prolific traveler – to renew your passport and get some fresh pages in that travel document, where can you go? What should you have to ensure the process is completely efficiently and without the need to return and redo any application forms?

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Renew Your Passport Here


Renew your passport by mail

All US passports can be renewed by mail, with the exception of those for children. This is probably the most common method of renewals for passport holders, as it can be done from home with a printer and mail pickup. However, just because the process is simpler by post doesn’t necessary mean travelers are going to get what they want right away. Mailing in your passport to the US State Department can take several weeks for standard processing, if not more depending on the time of year and how backed up the offices are.

Do you know how to renew your passport through the mail? Send in your expired passport, undamaged and issued within the last fifteen years, Form DS-82 for passport renewals, one passport-sized photo, and a check or money order for $110 payable to the US Department of State.

Visit an official passport agency

There are 26 regional passport offices  available in the United States and its territories to handle expedited passport renewals. Unlike the mail-in option, where you can renew your passport from the comfort of home, passport offices require that you make an appointment, and in some cases have a valid reason for needing your application rushed through. Life or death emergencies typically have the fastest turnaround of 1-2 business days (in some special cases, even the same day), but the processing time is at the discretion of the staff on duty. Providing reservations showing your immediate travel plans will help determine how to renew your passport quickly.

Entrust your application to Travel Visa Pro

Are you asking “Where can I renew my passport?” if these two options don’t sound appealing? The answer is with Travel Visa Pro. As one of the industry leaders in visa and passport expediting services, we have nine offices available across the US filled with staff who have over 40 years’ of experience handling such applications.

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The advantages in choosing a third-party visa and passport processing company like Travel Visa Pro are having a experienced travel consultant walk you through the bureaucratic nightmare that is paperwork, and requesting a service with a fixed finish date and time. If you need your passport renewed by the next day, Travel Visa Pro will guarantee your documents arrive on time and in order.

Do you have any other questions about how to renew your passport? Please leave them in the comments!