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Travel Visa Pro is a nationwide US passport and visa service provider with 10 years of experience of providing travelers with expedited passports services, passport renewal,  second passport and visas to various countries.

If you are looking for en expedited passport or visa service, you can always contact Travel Visa Pro in Anaheim or apply for a passport renewal online.


Passport Office Anaheim


Anaheim is one of the largest cities in Orange County, California, and is hugely popular with tourists due to Disneyworld, which has been attracting millions of visitors each year since it opened in 1955. The city is around a 30 minute drive to Los Angeles so also has the world-famous sites of LA, such as Hollywood, just on its doorstep.

It is also 30 minutes to reach Los Angeles International Airport so it is easy to access destinations across the globe and not just in the United States. If you are flying internationally, you will need to make sure that you have a valid passport! If this is an issue, then make sure you seek advice from the experts at Travel Visa Pro’s Los Angeles office. You can find the office on West Seventh Street, close to landmarks such as Pershing Square and the Staples Center.

Whether your passport has become damaged or its validity has expired, you can visit the specialists at Travel Visa Pro to receive efficient service and advice on exactly how you can renew your passport quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

If you need to travel at short notice and do not currently hold a valid passport or it has become damaged it can be easy to panic and assume you do not have enough time to arrange for a replacement. However, you will be delighted to hear that residents of California can apply for expedited passports through our Anaheim passport office and be ready to travel later that same day if neccessary!