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You may initially think that living in Austin makes getting documents authenticated by the Secretary of State an easy process but that’s not the case. Sometimes being so close to the actual office that processes the documents can make it much harder. Every day they process documents that are hand-delivered and mailed in from all around the state. You may not be able to receive the personal attention you need to walk you through exactly what the process is, what’s required, etc. Luckily, Travel Visa Pro provides Austin document authentication services that gives you the best customer experience to prepare you for your travels.

Travel Visa Pro in Austin office specializes in passport renewals and managing related services. We have an experienced staff onsite to assist with a wide range of travel needs, including Authentication, Apostille, Certification, Attestation, Certification and Embassy Legalization services. Usually, each of these services will have to be completed in different offices. You will either have to travel around to multiple locations or mail them off with the expectation that each one will be completed and returned by the time you need them. The benefit to using Travel Visa Pro is that we are able to manage the logistics to each one of these services and much more.

People who travel internationally for reasons other than vacation or tourism may be required to have certain documents authenticated. Document authentication helps a foreign government to accept any official documents issued in the US. This is required for purposes such as studying or working abroad, law and medical procedures, as well as personal reasons including obtaining a citizenship. There are a lot of specifications when it comes to document authentication. Also, each document may have a different processing time. Travel Visa Pro’s Austin document authentication services is more efficient than going directly to the Secretary of State for this service.


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Austin Document Authentication Services


We have a simple 3-Step process that includes obtaining a FREE quote about the documents prior to submitting. This helps to avoid delays in the authentication process. After the quote, you will submit the confirmed documents to us and we will handle all the logistics while keeping you updated on the entire process.


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