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Visa Pro is an accredited passport agency boasting the fastest processing times for a passport renewal in Bakersfield. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to follow the same route as if you’re applying for a new passport. If you got your current US passport over 16 years of age and it was issued in the past 15 years, you will meet the criteria for a standard renewal, as long as the passport is not badly damaged.

Lost, stolen, or damaged passports cannot be renewed because they cannot be submitted with the application and in this case, the New Passport application (DS-11) must be completed instead.

If your current US passport expired or expiring in 6 months, then our team at Travel Visa Pro can help you with a passport renewal in Bakersfield. If your passport is not about to expire but simply has no more blank pages left, then you can apply to renew your passport too. Most countries require you have at least two blank passport pages available. So, watch the expiration date as well as the availability of blank pages.


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Travel Visa Pro is located across country with five major centers offering full passport and client services, and the rest of our locations offer drop-off and pick-up services for expedited passport renewals. You can use the drop-off service for your passport renewal in Bakersfield. Our drop-off locations don’t provide consultations or paperwork reviews as they provide a point where you can deliver your application and supporting documentation and then collect it at the same location once the application is processed.

To get your passport renewal application started, order your passport service online with Travel Visa Pro in Bakersfield. Once submitted, you can contact your local TVP office in Bakersfield to arrange the delivery of your application and supporting documents. Speak to our experts at Travel Visa Pro who will provide accurate and informative advice to make the process easy and quick and without any hassle.



We provide expedited passport renewal services within 24 hours and our experts can help you with any urgent travel need. If you have an emergency, we have a team ready to help you at the touch of a button.

We will check your eligibility for a passport renewal in case your circumstances require you to apply for a New Passport and we’re here to make sure you avoid unnecessary delays. If your current passport is in a presentable condition i.e. your photo hasn’t fallen out or your identify was burned off, you can apply by submitting the current passport with your application. If you underwent any name change since the issue of your passport, you will have to include legal documentation as evidence of this, such as a marriage certificate or a court decree.

Additionally, your current passport cannot be older than 15 years, and it must not have been issued when you were a minor. If it’s not the case, you may need to apply for a new passport. But, if you speak to the professionals at Travel Visa Pro, they will best advise you on which passport option is relevant to you.

For an expedited passport renewal in Bakersfield, you will need to provide proof of the urgency, for example you require a foreign visa in the new passport in the coming weeks. Supporting documentation such as formal work letters, travel bookings, or itineraries must accompany the passport application.

Where we need to communicate on your behalf with the US State Department, we’ll need your permission submitted as letters of authorization. Lastly, don’t forget the standard passport photographs which must be included too.


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The State’s passport renewal application Form DS-82 is available via the Travel Visa Pro website. It is mandatory to complete and submit this form online before delivering paperwork. Once your application is submitted, you will be able to print copies showing a barcode on your application. Sign the form and include in your documentation.

Payment for government fees are separate to our service fees and should be paid in a personal or cashier’s check to “U.S. Department of State” for $170.00 (Passport book only) or $200 (Passport book and Passport card).

Travel Visa Pro can offer you the following services for a passport renewal in Bakersfield:

  • Passport issued in 12-18 business days at $149
  • Passport issued in 7-11 business days at $199
  • Passport issued in 4-6 business days at $299
  • Passport issued in 2-3 business days at $429
  • Passport issued in 1 business day at $ 599.00


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