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Applying for a Chinese visa is a different sort of challenge than other nations, and we have the experts who can guide you through the application process. When filling out the visa form, it can be hard to understand the English translations. So, you should ask us about our Form Fill service. We know what the questions are asking and how to answer them to have your visa approved. One mistake can make your travel preparations a nightmare, costing you time, money and adding stress to your trip. To remove the worry of getting a China visa in Baltimore, we are the ones who can help you.

To proceed with your visa application, you should bring with you the travel documents and flight details, a US passport with six months validity (if you need a passport, we can help with that as well), accommodation reservations and any other documentation you might need. In regards to papers, we can help you know what you need and help you sort out any issues that could arise in the process.

Chinese visas are not out of the country, but you can lengthen your stay when in the country. Residents of certain US states require to provide information on past Chinese visas, and you need to have all your documentation ready to enter China. Business customers are advised to have an invitation letter from a partner in China and a letter from your US employer. Corporate travels should inquire about our VIP services that can help you avoid any hassle that comes your way.

Travel Visa Pro in Baltimore has connections to the Chinese consulate, and we offer an expedited visa and passport service. This incredible service can deliver your visa to you within 8 hours.


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