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As an accredited passport agency, Travel Visa Pro will help you with your passport renewal in Baltimore without further delay. If your current US passport has expired or about to expire within the next six months, then you need to renew your passport. If your passport isn’t expiring, but your passport book is full up without blank pages, then you still need your passport renewed before traveling internationally.

Countries require that passports need at least two blank pages and must not expire within six months after the dates of travel. You can also apply for your US passport card, but it is only accepted for land or sea travel to Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, or Bermuda. Travel Visa Pro is situated across the US where we either provide full passport and client services, or a drop-off and pick-up service only. For your passport renewal in Baltimore, Travel Visa Pro provides a drop-off and pick-up location.

To get started with your passport renewal application, you can visit the Travel Visa Pro in Baltimore website. Our online ordering service is a quick process to submit your order for a selected passport service. Ensure you have completed and submitted the US State Department’s form DS-82 for a passport renewal application form. When you’ve completed and submitted the form, print out a copy to be included in your paperwork drop-off. If you’re ready to apply, speak to an agent at your local Travel Visa Pro office to arrange your drop-off.


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If your name has changed since your last passport was issued, you must include the right documentation showing your name was legally changed if you want to qualify for the passport renewal.

Where document review services are not available at the drop-off location, you need to make sure you have met all the passport requirements as outlined by the US State Department. Complete and submit the Form DS-82 (passport renewals only), include your most recent US passport if it’s not damaged and two identical and recent color passport photographs (without glasses).

Proof of travel, such as an international travel itinerary showing your intended date of departure from the country within 2 weeks or 1 month, is also required. If your passport is damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to apply for a new US passport, using Form DS-11, and different requirements apply.

If you need to travel for urgent work purposes and you cannot provide the itinerary, you can submit an official work letter instead. However, where you cannot present any of these documents, you can download a statement from the Travel Visa Pro website and complete it for your passport application. Travel Visa Pro clients need to sign and submit two copies of a Letter of Authorization. This allows us to act on your behalf when processing your passport renewal application.

If you carry two US passports and the second one expired, you can also follow the standard passport renewal process. You will need to include an additional letter requesting your second passport be renewed. These passports are only valid for four years.

Travel Visa Pro has many locations allowing us to serve citizens across America so our specialists are always ready to help you with your passport renewal in Baltimore. Travel Visa Pro has expedited services that can help get your passport renewed within one business day or within the week. Fees range from $149 to $599 depending on your circumstances and urgency. We will ensure you get a passport renewal without any delay.


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We have services that include Rush, Urgent, Emergency, Same Day, Next Day or Executive Choice packages. For corporate travels, the Executive Choice gets your passport renewed within 24 hours while providing you with a premium service. A dedicated agent will personally manage the process and make sure your new passport is delivered in time. Our goal at Travel Visa Pro is to manage your travel requirements for a stress-free trip abroad. Our premium services also provide form-filling, document checking, and constant updates.



Where we are unable to offer the concierge service, you can chat to our experts who will provide sound advice and guidance to obtain your expedited passport renewal. With limited services in Baltimore, it’s imperative that you prepare the correct documentation to avoid delays caused by missing paperwork. So, whatever your situation, be it emergency work trips or personal reasons, get in touch with Travel Visa Pro for your one-stop passport shop.

Our expedited passport services guarantee the fastest delivery times to ensure you are prepared to travel internationally.


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