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Berkeley is not your ordinary town. Instead, it boasts a thriving community of international students who attend its university, which is what most people know about it. Moreover, it is a popular stopover in the Bay Area for people heading across the Pacific – and if you take the time to explore the town, you realize that it is indeed a gem. That’s why many people who have been to Berkeley eventually consider settling in the area.

But what if you want to broaden your horizons and explore other places? Maybe you want a vacation where you can unwind after a long year. Or you want to move for good in search of business or education opportunities. How can you go about this? The good news is that you can access most government services in San Francisco. But the bad news is that it takes a while to reap the fruits of your application. In many cases, people end up waiting months before they can finally get their passports – not to mention the hassle of understanding which documents you must present. Sometimes, the delays can be so many that you lose out on an opportunity.


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At Travel Visa Pro, we never want you to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance because you’re held back by unnecessary delays. That’s why we have optimized our passport and passport renewal Berkeley services. Whether you want to make a new application or want to extend the validity of your passport, our experts are ready to help. We will take you through what the authorities require from you, how to get it, and how to present it to us so we can take care of the heavy lifting. Passport renewal Berkeley services do not have to drag out over weeks or months. We can get your passport expedited and ready within one day! So, how about that trip?

We also offer assistance in processing visas at one of the city’s many foreign consulates – this enables you to have everything you need ready to go before you even have the chance to worry about the time ticking away for your flight and leaves you confident in your choice of visa and passport agencies. We’ll also throw in apostille and legalization services if you’d like.

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Let Travel Visa Pro be the passport agency in Berkeley you can trust for all your travel needs: travel registration, visa processing, trip insurance, and expediting passport are just some of the services we offer residents of Berkeley.


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