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If you are traveling overseas, you need a passport first of all. Our passport services include new passport applications and passport renewals, second passport applications and renewals for adults and children. We also can help you with passport name changes and misplaced or damaged passports. Do you need your passport quickly? With our expedited service, we can get you a passport in 8 hours.

Our visa service can get you to any destination. Some of the popular visas include Brazil, Cambodia, China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and Vietnam. We can guide holidaymakers or business clients through getting the right passport for their needs. For those who need a visa right away, inquire about our expedited service that only takes 8 hours to get it into your hands!


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We have premium services available for corporate customers. If you do not have the time to get through your paperwork, you can trust us to make sure everything is 100% correct. We will be there for you immediately if you have any questions or issues.

See us about our document authentication or embassy legalization services. For person customers, our services include but aren’t limited to affidavits, bills of sale, divorce decrees, police records, FBI background check and state background checks. Business clients can use our service to process articles of incorporation, certificate of good standing, certificate of origin, free sale agreements, ISO certificates and more. Ask us what you need, and we will see what you can do.

So, apply or chat with one of our representatives online right away. We have a local office in Minneapolis, so come in and ask us about our services, especially our expedited passport and visas service.


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