Expedited Passport in Burbank, CA

People who want to process a passport in Burbank, CA, are in luck! While Travel Visa Pro may not have a passport office in Burbank, we have many offices across California. Some of these offices are minutes away from Burbank by car, e.g., our offices in Los Angeles or Long Beach. And guess what? If driving to our offices is not your cup of tea, you can send your documents to us via courier services, and we will send the ready passport to you via the same route. How convenient is that!


Expedited Passport in Burbank

California passport agencies are quite busy as many people love to travel for work, fun, or other reasons. That often leads to a backup in passport processing at the state department, leading to delays. Many people have expressed disgruntlement at having their passports delayed by weeks or months, even after explicitly asking for an expedition. Add the commute to the offices and the long lines, and it’s clear that using the state department passport agencies is not the most efficient way.

Travel Visa Pro is a trusted passport agency in Burbank, CA eager to break down all the barriers to passport processing in the city. How do we do it? We guide you through each step of the process by pointing out what you need to present to the state department. Before submitting your documents, we review your application to ensure it is free of errors, ensuring that the application will not be sent back for revisions. Additionally, we follow up on the application, expediting it so that you can get your passport in time for your travel plans. If you need an expedited passport in Burbank, we are the agency you can trust. Thanks to our rush and emergency orders, we can prepare your passport in hours or days!

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Passport Renewal in Burbank

You cannot travel with an expired passport as it is invalid. What’s more, most destinations have a limit on how many months of validity you should have on your passport when traveling. Often, most countries require at least 6 months of validity at the time of entry or departure. It’s always advisable to renew your passport when it nears its expiry date.

You need your current passport, a complete DS-82 form, and passport photos to embark on passport renewal in Burbank. You then sign a letter of authorization, and our agents will review your application and follow up on it in your stead. Passport renewal in Burbank has varying dates based on what you prefer. We can process your application in a matter of weeks or rush it based on your choice when making an order.

If you want a hands-free experience, you can opt in on our form-filling and concierge services, where we do everything for you!

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Passport Agency in Burbank

As a passport agency operating in Burbank and the larger California area, TVP excels in catering to various travel needs. We not only handle passports, but we also help you in processing visas, apostilles, and other documents necessary for your travel plans, thanks to our all-in-one umbrella package. So, whether your passport is near its expiry date or you need a new passport for your child, you can count on us to meet your needs in no time!


Passport Services in Burbank

Travel Visa Pro provides a range of passport services in Burbank, including:

  • Passport renewals,
  • New passport applications,
  • Second passports,
  • Children passports,
  • Name changes, and
  • Replacing lost, stolen, or damaged passports.

For these and other passport needs, you can contact our agents via +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472).


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