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Here at our Carrollton passport renewal agency, we have a top quality passport service with staff that will make sure you get what you need. We can help with applying for a new passport or a passport renewal. If you have a lost, damaged or stolen passport we can get your problem solved. Adults and children can have their passports sorted out, perfect for your family trip.

Our visas can get you to Brazil, Russia, China, Tanzania, New Zealand, Latvia or anywhere else. You can apply online with ease or come into our office for face to face service. For VIP travelers, we have services to help you fill in forms or double check your application for mistakes. Our concierge and executive choice services go beyond the call of duty and will surprise you with the level of service you receive.

If you’d like an expedited service, please visit our passport renewal agency in Dallas.


Call us at 833-887-8472 or order our services online


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We offer trip protections so you can have peace of mind in an emergency. Travel insurance is a must for any international or domestic journey for business or holiday travelers. Passport insurance will make sure that if you lose, damage or have your passport stolen there won’t be an issue.

If you are looking to have documents legalized or authenticated, we can help you with that. Our passport renewal agency in Carrollton expert staff can provide document apostille and authentication, document notarization, Secretary of State Attestation for all 50 states, US Department of State Attestation and Embassy Authentication.

Our friendly staff is on call 24/7 at our call center; you can email us at any time or pop into an office for a chat and ask any question you need.


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