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We have a range of passport services for all your needs. If you want a new passport, to apply for a passport renewal, to get a lost or damaged passport fixed up, a passport or passport renewal for your kids, we are the people to come to for advice. For those who need a second passport, we can help you out with that as well.

Our visa service has our expert staff working for you to get you to your destination, whether you are a business or holiday traveler. We can help you get visas to Brazil, Tanzania, Mexico, Fiji, England or where ever else, we can process your application online.

If you are after a particular service, try our Concierge Service. With these services, we will be on call to sort out any problems immediately, make sure your paperwork is in order and take care of you, the VIP.


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For those who require documentation services, we can get you what you need to be done for you. We can complete document apostille and authentication, document notarization, Secretary of State attestation for all 50 states, US Department of State attestation and embassy authentication. Our services include help for personal documentation like adoption documents, school and university diplomas and more. Businesses can get their documentation processed through us as well.

Travel Visa Pro is where to go if you want to speak to the experts. Visit our website to apply for a passport or visa, chat with one of our representatives live online.

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