Expedited Passport in Charleston, SC

Charleston boasts a small-town vibe ideal for anyone who wants to soak in the charm of this city. Besides that, it has an extensive choice of cuisines, amazing access to the beach, incredible weather, a thriving job market, and a pleasant pace. It’s hard to think of why anyone would want to venture out of this town, but some people do so for work, school, business, love, etc. Whether you are leaving for a few weeks or are seeking to start a life elsewhere, one thing is given – you will need a passport to traverse beyond the United States.

Luckily, getting a passport in Charleston, SC, is not an uphill task. Travel Visa Pro provides passport and visa services to city residents, thanks to our nationwide coverage. We even have an office in Charlotte where you can drop your documents or send them via courier.


Expedited Passport in Charleston

Do you need to leave Charleston in days or weeks? If that’s the case, waiting for the standard time offered by state passport agencies can be pretty challenging. Often, processes in these offices take weeks to months to complete. And sometimes, you may need to refill your paperwork or make revisions when there is an oversight in your application – not to mention the queues and the commutes to the passport offices.

Travel Visa Pro has unveiled an easy and fast way to get an expedited passport in Charleston. We act as the go-between for you and the state department. You provide us with the required documents, and we process them at the state department, delivering a passport to you in the shortest time possible.

Thanks to our rush and emergency passport services, we can get you a passport even when the clock is ticking fast. Your passport could be ready in a few days! All you need is to inform us that you are on a time crunch by contacting us at +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472).


Passport Agency in Charleston

Travel Visa Pro passport agency in Charleston aims to demystify the passport application process by making it accessible to everyone. We guide you on what you must provide for a seamless application. We then place the order and follow up on it, alerting you each step of the way, before delivering the passport to your doorstep! If you want to enjoy even more convenience, consider using our form-filling and concierge services.

Call us at 833-887-8472 or order our services online

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Passport Services in Charleston

You can use Travel Visa Pro to handle all sorts of passport services in Charleston, SC. We deal with:

  • New passports,
  • Passport renewals,
  • Name changes,
  • Second passports, and
  • Passport replacements.

We also offer visa and apostille services, enabling you to get all your documents in order before takeoff.


Passport Application in Charleston

Each passport has unique requirements. Our website guides you on what you must provide for each application, so you do not miss out on getting your passport ready on time. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact our agents for assistance at +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472).



How to Get a Passport in Charleston, SC?

Before applying for a new passport in Charleston, you must prepare two passport photos, proof of identification, and proof of citizenship, and complete the DS-11 form. Once you have presented these documents to your local acceptance agent, you can trust TVP to expedite your application to avoid the long queues at the state passport offices.

How to Renew a Passport in Charleston, SC?

You can renew your passport in Charleston by sending your current passport, a complete DS-82 form, two passport photos, and a letter of authorization to our offices. Our agents will review and submit your application on your behalf and deliver the passport within a few days. We also expedite rush and emergency applications on request.


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