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Brazil is a popular destination, and there is no need to tell you why. What you may not know is how to go about starting and submitting your visa application. That’s why you should speak to us, as we know all the documents you need to hand in, how to correctly fill in and submit the forms, and have the knowledge to answer any questions on your mind.

Let’s start with some information about obtaining a Brazil visa in Charlotte. Tourist can get a 90-day visa that is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and to enter the country you will need a copy of your itinerary and tickets with your application and upon entry to Brazil. For some people, getting to the consulate can be difficult as they are in major cities, and the forms require submission within 90 days. Brazil does not allow applications by mail, making things more difficult for some people. That is where Travel Visa Pro comes in to play for you. Rather than traveling to a major city, speak to us, and we can submit your form to you without a hassle.

It can be challenging to fill in visa applications, and it is easy to make a simple mistake unintentionally. You might miss a question, accidentally mark the wrong box or another common mistake. That is why you see the experts who you can trust to be sure your application will go smoothly. Travel Visa Pro in Charlotte can help tourists or business travelers get a visa within 8 hours with our expedited service. By the way, we also have an expedited passport service, just ask us for more information.


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