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For your passport renewal in Cleveland, get in touch with the passport specialists at Travel Visa Pro. We are a certified passport agency who has helped thousands of US travelers renew their passport books and passport cards.

If you meet the US passport requirements, then TVP will meet your requirements for a passport renewal. Although we provide full client and passport services at five major centers, we also provide locations across the country to drop-off your renewal applications and to pick-up new passports.

Are you over 16 years of age holding a US passport issued in the last 15 years? Then you can get started with your passport renewal process, without further delay.


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Cleveland Passport Renewal Service


Travel Visa Pro offers a range of services to satisfy varying for different people. We cater for those who can’t wait and for those who can:

  • Executive Choice
  • Emergency
  • Same Day
  • Next Day
  • Rush
  • Urgent
  • Standard

If it’s an urgent trip abroad, we can offer an Emergency Service for $599 to get a new passport in 8 hours. Or we have the Next Day Service for a new passport in one business day for $429. Other packages include the Urgent Passport Service for $299 to ensure you get your passport renewed within 5 business days, or a Rush Passport for $199 in 10 days.

TVP service fees are additional to the government fees, where the US State Department requires $170 for a passport book renewal or $200 for the passport book and card.

So, is it time to renew your passport?



If your current US passport expired or about to expire in the next six months, or you have less than two blank passport pages, then it’s time for your passport renewa. We have several offices across the US offering different services. Some locations provide full passport and client services, while others serve only as drop-off and pick-up locations. The drop-off locations are available for you to deliver your application and to fetch your new passport and documents when its ready.

For a passport renewal in Cleveland, you will be able to use our drop-off service. First prepare your application and supporting documentation according to the passport renewal requirements. You will need to complete the US State Department’s renewal application (DS-82) online with them. When submitted, your application will receive a barcode. Print the completed application form for signing. This form must be included in your paperwork.

Applicants need to submit current passports as well, and they are returned with the new passport. In the event that your passport is severely damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to follow the process for a new passport instead of a passport renewal.

Two recent color passport photographs (without glasses), and an international itinerary that shows your date of departure from the US, is also required. Where you’re unable to include an itinerary, official work letters will be acceptable. Where you cannot submit this, you can download and sign the statement from the Travel Visa Pro website to include with your application drop-off.

When you register as a client of Travel Visa Pro, we’ll need to sign and complete two Letters of Authorization permitting us to communicate with the US State Department on your behalf.

So, once you’ve checked and re-checked your application and documentation, call Travel Visa Pro in Cleveland to arrange your document delivery. Once all the relevant paperwork is in a big secure envelope, drop it off with Travel Visa Pro. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your application is in good hands.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Cleveland


Different situations affect different travelers. Where you carry two US passports and the second passport expired but you still need it, then you can follow the standard passport renewal process, but additional information is required such as submitting a letter explaining why the second passport is needed. Note that second passports are only valid for four years.

If your name changed due to adoption, marriage, or divorce, you can renew your US passport if you include the legal documentation showing evidence of the official name change. Travel Visa Pro will assist you with your passport renewal in Cleveland, without hesitation. Whether it’s for you or your children, we’re able to manage any application efficiently. We remove any obstacle, so you can focus on your international journey and not mundane paperwork. Whatever the circumstance, our trained experts will know how to help you.

Our online ordering service and guidelines is your first and best start to a passport renewal in Cleveland.


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