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Getting an India visa in Columbus is as easy as just asking us. We know the ins and outs of the application form and how to make sure your submission is approved. Our expert staff has the contacts in the Indian consulate to be able to do things that others cannot. Using our knowledge, we can help you avoid a trip to the Indian embassy, speak on your behalf and let you know what you need to submit to have a successful application.

For a start, you will need to find the application form online. Travelers who are visiting India for 30 days or less can apply for an e-visa, a simple process but if you need help, we are there for you. Others, whether traveling for tourism or business will need to go through the visa process. When getting an India visa in Columbus, bring into our office your application form, passport with six months validity, information on your flight, itinerary, and accommodation and other documentation we can advise you on.

Some of the trickier questions on this form include asking for information on your religion, family background and experience, any defining features (Moles, tattoos, scars and the like) and any business documentation. If you have contacts in India, whether friends or business partners, a letter from them can be of great help to you a successful application process.

One of our top services is the expedited visa service we offer. For those who are traveling sooner rather than later, we can use our visa magic to get your visa to you within 8 hours. If you need a passport as well, you can have that in your hands within 8 hours as well. Just come into Travel Visa Pro in Columbus and speak to one of our exceptional team members.


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