Passport Renewal in Columbus

How do you know if you need a new passport or passport renewal in Columbus?

The New Passport application is required in the following circumstances:

  • Your current passport was stolen, lost or badly damaged and you cannot submit it.
  • You only have a Child Passport, but you are now over 16 years.
  • You have never applied for a passport and you are over 16 years.
  • Your current passport was issued more than 15 years ago.

The Passport Renewal application is applicable in the following cases:

  • Your current passport was issued within the last 15 years and expired or will expire in 6 months.
  • Your current passport has less than two blank passport pages.
  • You’ve changed your name legally and want to update your passport.
  • Your second US passport has expired or will expire.


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Columbus Passport Renewal Service


So, if you need a passport renewal, let Travel Visa Pro in Columbus experts help you every step of the way. You can logon to Travel Visa Pro’s website to start your online passport order. Make sure you’ve completed the official application form DS-82 through the US State Department’s website and print two signed copies of the application containing the barcode.

Your current passport must also be included with your full application along with two passport photographs and proof of travel showing your date of departure from the US. Proof of travel can be an itinerary, flight bookings, or formal company letters. If you can’t provide this, download the statement from the TVP site to be included in your application. If you have since changed your name and want a new passport, you qualify for a passport renewal as long as you submit the documentation showing your name was legally changed.



To expedite your application on your behalf, we’ll need you to sign a Letter of Authorization. Once all this is in place, call the local office in Columbus to arrange your drop-off. Our service fees start at $149, if you need a passport renewal in Columbus within 2 weeks, we make it happen. If your trip urgent, we can offer you Emergency, Same Day, Next Day, Rush, Urgent, or Standard passport renewal services.

If need your passport renewed within 8 hours, the experts at Travel Visa Pro will be available to make it all happen. Our Next Day Service is $429 if you need the passport in one business day or 10 business days for just $199. Our Executive Choice Service at $599 includes personalized 24-hour availability and much more.

We have full services available in Washington DC, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles including consultations, document checking, form-filling, authentication, certification and embassy legalization requirements. The drop-off in Columbus has limited services however our agents are more than willing to assist if you need to discuss further requirements.

There’s no need to cancel any plans or worry unnecessarily because Travel Visa Pro is the professional when it comes to passport services. As a certified passport agency, we can work on your behalf to renew your travel documents when you are in a rush and under pressure. If you need to travel urgently but you’re carrying an expired passport, then you need to call us now for a fast passport renewal in Columbus.

We can also help you apply for a US passport card that can only be used to exit and enter the country at land and sea port border crossings. However, if you are going abroad via international air travel, you can only present a valid US passport book with sufficient blank pages available.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Columbus


If you are a US citizen with two passports and the second one expired, you can renew it too by following the standard renewal process but including an additional letter addressed to the US State Department requesting a new second passport.

Frequent international travelers need to keep track of the blank passport pages, which are usually filled up with random border control stamps. Emergencies crop up when we least expect it and you don’t want paperwork holding you back. If family needs you urgently abroad, it can be devastating if you’re unable to travel because of an outdated passport.

To start the passport renewal application, visit our website and place an online passport renewal service and submit it straight-away. It’s a simple easy process you can start with a click of a button. If you require additional services, speak to our agents Travel Visa Pro who will provide the most up to date and helpful advice to make the process as easy as possible.


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