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When you are about to head away on vacation there are plenty of little things that can go wrong, however, the very worst has to be discovering an issue with your passport that could prevent you from travelling. The chances of problems arising increases if you find out that you have to travel at short notice so it is always worth ensuring that you know where your passport is and that it is still valid!

As passports can be valid for up to 10 years you may not even think about checking when it is due to the expire, until it is too late! Also, it is worth bearing in mind that some countries will not let you enter if you have less than six months remaining on a passport so you must always check the expiry date of your passport before you travel to avoid any complications.

Fortunately, Travel Visa Pro in Dallas can help you regardless of your timeframe. Previously you might have had to travel all the way to Houston to sort out your passport but now there is no need to waste a great deal of time and money doing so. Instead, you can simply receive an online consultation or over the phone and then submit your documents at Travel Visa Pro’s office just north of Downtown Dallas (in Addison). Helpfully the office is also very close to Addison Airport as well as Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport so if you are in a rush you can head directly their once you have collected your new passport.


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The specialists at Travel Visa Pro will provide advice and assistance on how to secure a new passport as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Same day passport in Dallas service costs $599 and guarantees a new passport within eight hours of your application.

The experts at Travel Visa Pro handle everything to do with your application, ensuring that a potentially highly stressful process runs smoothly and that any issues which may delay your passport are avoided so you are ready to travel as soon as possible.


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