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Whether you need to travel in a few days or in the next few weeks, Travel Visa Pro will manage your passport renewal in Denver. We’re an accredited passport agency who provides expedited passport services to ensure you can travel when you need to. If you have a work or family emergency that takes you out the country, but your US passport has expired, then get in touch with an agent at your local Travel Visa Pro in Denver.

We provide full passport services and personal consultations in five major US cities, namely San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Houston. However, for us to help those living far away from these areas, we offer drop-off and pick-up services across the country.


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Preparing the correct documentation is essential to avoiding delays caused by missing or inaccurate information. You will need to include the following required by the US State Department. Form DS-82 (the passport renewal application) and two recent and color passport photographs. As a concierge client of TVP, you will be able to upload digital photos as long as they are of high quality and high resolution. The government fee ranges between $170 – $200, depending on whether you’re applying for a passport book and/or card.

If you are a traveler who needs to save time with efficient and personalized services, then Travel Visa Pro will take care of your travel needs and ensure a stress-free, expedited passport renewal process. One of our specialists will be with you every step of the way, from form-filling, document checking, and constant updates. Whatever it takes, we will make sure it is done in due time. We will deliver your documents and new passport by hand and also offer a money-back guarantee for any unmet requests. Travel Visa Pro provides a premium service for premium travelers.



Not everyone is able to afford premium rates, so we catered for the average Joe too. No matter what your reasons, we can assist anyone to get a new passport. If your current US passport expired, is due to expire, or your passport book has less than two blank pages, then let Travel Visa Pro get to work on getting you a new passport. If you have two US passports and the second one expired, you can follow the standard passport renewal process. Additional information is required by submitting a letter explaining why you need the second passport (which is only valid for four years).


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Supporting documentation, along with the form and photos, is also required by the US State Department to process your passport renewal application. You will need to include an international travel itinerary that shows your departure from the U.S. within 2 weeks or 1 month. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to provide the itinerary, your employer can submit a letter on a company letterhead, signed by an official company delegate, which details the purpose of your trip, if for work purposes. If you are traveling to Canada or Mexico, you can include your hotel reservation as proof of travel. However, if you cannot show any of these documents, you can download and complete the Intended Immediate Travel explanation form, which will be considered at the discretion of the US State Department.

Passport renewal applications must contain the most recent and current passport used (expired or not). Personal documents and passports are returned once the new passport has been issued. However, if your passport was severely damaged, lost, or stolen and you cannot present it with your renewal application, then you need to follow the process for a new passport (Form DS-11).


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