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If you’re not sure how to go about your passport renewal in El Paso, call the Travel Visa Pro specialists. Travel Visa Pro in El Paso team of experts have years of experience and are well-trained to advise and guide you with any passport enquiry.

We can assist by checking your eligibility for a Passport Renewal application to make sure you meet the US State Department’s criteria.

If the following statements apply, then you won’t qualify for a renewal and you will have to apply for a New Passport:

  • My current passport was stolen, lost or its damaged to the point that I cannot present it as a valid travel document.
  • My current passport is a Child Passport but I’m over 16 years.
  • I have never applied for a passport before and I’m over 16 years.
  • My current passport was issued more than 15 years ago.


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However, if the statements below apply, then you qualify for a passport renewal:

  • My current passport was issued in the last 15 years and expired/expiring.
  • My current passport has less than two blank passport pages available.
  • My name was legally changed since my current passport was issued (if applicable).
  • My second US passport has expired or will expire, and I need a new one (if applicable).

So, if you’re eligible for a passport renewal, Travel Visa Pro can help you get the new passport whenever you need it. Our online ordering service is available for you to choose and order a particular passport service. Simply submit the order and call our local agency to arrange the drop-off of your application and documents.

Travel Visa Pro offers comprehensive passport and client services in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Houston. We don’t just focus on the major cities, so we’ve opened drop-off and pick-up passport across the United States to reach as many people as we can. That’s why we can offer a drop-off service for your passport renewal in El Paso.



If you have any doubts about your paperwork or process, don’t hesitate to call the TVP team. Our trained and experienced consultants will guide you through the application and make sure you’ve done everything correctly to get a new passport. Although services are limited at the drop-off points, we can still assist with a Double Document Check. This service is available for $29 where we will be able to check your paperwork. You just need to scan or photograph the documents and send to our Concierge team for review.

If you need the convenience and peace of mind to complete a passport renewal application, then team up with Travel Visa Pro for efficient and fast passport services.

So what else do you need for the passport renewal in El Paso? You will need to make sure you complete the US State Department’s application form DS-82 online to receive a 2D barcode. Travel Visa Pro can only accept applications already submitted online. Bring a signed copy of this form along with your current passport. You’ll also need two passport photographs and proof of travel showing you intended date of departure from the country.

Where your name or surname has changed since the last issue of your passport, ensure you include legal papers to prove the official name change, such as a marriage or adoption certificate, or a court decree. To expedite your passport renewal application on your behalf, provide signed Letters of Authorization so we can communicate with the US State Department about your passport application.


Reliable Passport Renewal in El Paso


Once your documentation is in place and you have double checked the requirements, get in touch with the TVP agency in El Paso to arrange your document drop-off. If you need to travel urgently, we offer Emergency, Same Day, Next Day, Rush, Urgent, or Standard passport renewal services. If you need to travel very, very urgently, we can get your passport renewed 8 hours. You just need an expert by your side to make it all happen on time.

If you are a US citizen carrying two passports and the second one expired, you can renew it by following the standard renewal process, but you need to submit a letter to the US State Department explaining why the second passport is required.

When emergencies happen, and you’re delayed because of paperwork, it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Travel Visa Pro can help you avoid any hitches and make the process as smooth as possible. Our agents are experienced and trained to meet every clients’ needs.


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