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Have you been legally divorced for a while and contemplating placing your maiden name on your passport? Did you get married and want to put your new surname on your passport? Do you want to change your child’s surname? Are you in a frenzy because you do not know where to start?

Travel Visa Pro is here to save you from yourself. You No longer have to worry about where to start or what to do and if you are following the right procedures. The only thing you have to do is to come into our office where one of our staff members will consult you on all your travel needs and what package will suit you the best. Our passport renewal agency in Boston is closest to Fall River, so you will have to travel there.


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We have a few packages to choose from with various waiting periods to suit your situation. Our standard waiting period is 15 working days with a few packages in between right up to our expedited service, which has a waiting period of 8 working hours. Clients that are in a pinch value this service.

That is right! You no longer have to wait the standard eight weeks before you receive your Passport.  Travel Visa Pro is passionate about client service and will not rest until you receive your new passport within the set lead time and our clients being 100% satisfied with our service.

Should you not be able to come into our passport renewal agency in Fall River, you are also able to apply online on our user-friendly website where you can apply from the comfort of your office. If you struggle, you can contact our consultants that will take you through the online process and guide you on the suitable packages for your specific needs.


Our closest office is located in Boston:


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