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Fontainebleau, Florida, is located in Miami-Dade County and is a census-designated hot spot. With luxury hotels and beautiful beachfronts, this is a great place for tourists and locals alike to kick back and relax. If you’re a resident of Fontainebleau looking for a change of pace, however, and have a desire to travel internationally, you might wonder where you can go to obtain a new passport. Brevard County has twelve passport acceptance facilities, but you have other options if you’re looking for an emergent service or are in need of extra help with your passport application.

Travel Visa Pro has an incredible number of facilities across the country, including an office in Miami. Fontainebleau’s residents can step inside our Miami office when they find themselves in need of assistance with documentation acquisition. There, they can receive expedited services that have a turnaround time of two to four weeks, slicing the average turnaround time for passport acquisition in half! You can even get your hands on a renewed passport in as little as eight hours!

Whether you are replacing a passport that has been lost, stolen, or one that has simply expired, or if this is your very first time obtaining a passport, why not let Travel Visa Pro help you navigate the process? While it’s true that you can get a passport at your local post office, this process can take up to eight weeks. Travel Visa Pro can walk you through the process of getting your passport, helping you complete each step along the way.


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If you’re a resident of Fontainebleau with an itch to go abroad, let our passport renewal agency in Fontainebleau help you get your passport and make your travel experience more carefree!


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