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Anyone living in or around Fontana will be able to talk for hours of the benefits of the city’s location so close to the Angeles and the San Bernardino National Forests. They are perfect places to escape into nature and it can be easy to forget that you’re less than an hour from Downtown LA and just over 10 miles from San Bernardino city. There are also gorgeous beaches around an hour away as well, so residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to relaxing at the weekend.

If you do decide to leave the city on holiday then there are two international airports within an hour, one at San Bernardino and the world-famous Los Angeles International Airport with flights headed to destinations around the world all the time. Just check that your passport is still valid or it hasn’t been misplaced or damaged! If you need advice and assistance in renewing your passport quickly and without hassle then jump on the Metrolink and visit the Travel Visa Pro office in the heart of Los Angeles.


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In some instances you may need an expedited passport service, to ensure you have a valid passport on very tight schedule. California residents can visit our passport renewal agency in Fontana where the experts will handle all aspects of your application to ensure that this is a completely hassle-free process and that you receive your new passport as quickly as necessary, even if you need it for later the same day!


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