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So, you realized your US passport is about to expire and need a passport renewal in Fort Worth to travel internationally for an urgent work matter. There’s no need to cancel any plans or panic because Travel Visa Pro in Fort Worth is the professional when it comes to passport services. We are a certified passport agency who can work on behalf to renew your travel documents when you are in a rush and under pressure.

For US citizens who meet the passport requirements, we can guarantee expedited passport services. TVP drop-off and pick-up offices are located throughout the country to serve those living away from the major cities. So, get in touch with your local Travel Visa Pro office to get started with your passport renewal in Fort Worth.

You need to include the following for a successful renewal application: a printed copy of the form DS-82 containing a 2D barcode and your current passport, which will be returned to you with your new one.  If this is your first adult passport i.e. you received your current US passport before 16 years, which has now expired, then you will need to apply for a New Passport (form DS-11) and different requirements will apply.


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However, if your passport was issued after 16 years, within the last 15 years, then you qualify for the standard passport renewal. If your passport is severely damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to apply for a new passport and will not qualify for a passport renewal.

Additionally, you must include two standard passport photographs along with proof of your itinerary, evidence proving your reason for travel. This can be in the form of travel and accommodation bookings or official company letters. When you register as a client, we’ll be able to arrange the drop-off of your application for your passport renewal.



If need your passport renewed as fast as a few days, then call the Pros at Travel Visa Pro who can make it all happen. You can find the prices of the services here. Our Rush Passport Service for $199 to get your passport in 10 days. We have several packages to suit different needs and costs. Our Budget Passport at $99 will get you a new passport within 18 business days.

Travel Visa Pro also offers an Executive Choice Service at $599 for personalized 24-hour contact where required to expedite your passport renewal in Fort Worth. Our service fees are additional to the government fees, where the US State Department requires $170 for a passport book renewal or $200 for the passport book and card.

Is it time to renew your passport? If your current passport has already expired, or its going to expire within six months, or you’ve run out of blank passport pages, then contact Travel Visa Pro to order your renewed passport online. Government regulations require that valid passports should always have at least two blank passport pages available. So, if you are running out, you need to get a new passport for international travel.

Our drop-off and pick-up service in Fort Worth provides the convenience and peace of mind that your application is in good hands and will be processed in good time. Speak to one of the local TVP agents to arrange dropping your paperwork off.


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As a client of TVP, we will need you to sign and submit a Letter of Authorization, so we can work on your behalf. Once all the relevant documentation is prepared, visit our website to order your passport renewal. Once your application is underway, you will be able to track your order status through our client portal. Every has different circumstances so we want to help meet the needs of everyone who needs to travel abroad. If you have two US passports, or your name has recently changed, we can assist quickly and efficiently.

You will need to include the legal documentation showing your name was legally changed and we can get your application processed. Travel Visa Pro can assist you with your passport renewal without hesitation so get in touch to speak to our agents.

Our full passport and client services are offered in Washington DC, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These include authentication, apostille, certification, attestation, certification and embassy legalization requirements. Although our Fort Worth locale only offers the drop-off service, you can speak to an agent if you need further assistance. We have trained, professional consultants available to chat online.


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