Passport Renewal in Fresno

If you believe a valid US passport card is enough as an international travel document, let Travel Visa Pro in Fresno give you the correct advice. This is only true when you are traveling by land or sea to our neighbors such as Canada or Mexico. You won’t be able to use a US passport card for international air travel.

If your family holiday or a business trip takes you to Africa and your US passport book has expired or is about to expire in the next six months, then you need to call Travel Visa Pro for a passport renewal in Fresno. TVP has five main offices providing full client consultations and passport support, however we want to be able to serve all US citizens country wide who would otherwise have to travel to major centers at great expense and delay.

Travel Visa Pro has drop-off and pick-up locations throughout the US, making it easier for all residents to get their travel documents on time, irrespective of their location. Suppose you have an urgent family matter which requires you to fly internationally but you can’t find your passport, anywhere. Stay focused on the emergency at hand and the efficient team at TVP can sort out your passport challenges. Although you won’t qualify for the standard passport renewal, TVP will still be able to help you get a New Passport.


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Fresno Passport Renewal Service


The criteria you need to meet for the standard passport renewal are:

  • Can you present your current US passport in an undamaged and fair condition?
  • Was your current US passport issued in the last 15 years?
  • Was your current US passport issued when you were over 16 years?
  • Can you present legal documentation as evidence in the event you have had a name change (due to marriage, divorce or court decree) since your current US passport was issued?

If you met all the requirements above, then you are ready to start your passport renewal in Fresno.



All you need to do is visit the Travel Visa Pro’s website to access our online passport service. Select the package most that suits your needs or contact us to provide the best advice on which package would be best for you: r travel needs. You can choose one of the following passport services to ensure you do not experience delays:

  • $149 for a passport in 12-18 business days
  • $199 for a passport in 7-11 business days
  • $299 for a passport in 4-6 business days
  • $429 for a passport in 2-3 business days
  • $599 for a passport in 1 business days

If you need to order the Emergency, Same Day or Next Day services, you must contact us immediately to make an urgent booking.

Before you drop off any documentation to the local TVP office in Fresno, you must ensure you complete the Form DS-82 online and submit it to the US State Department. You will receive a barcode printed on the application. Print and sign a copy in blue or black ink.

It is compulsory that you include your most recent US passport book. It will be returned once the application has been processed and your new passport is ready for collection. You also need to include two recent color passport photos adhering to standard passport requirements.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Fresno


The fastest way to get your passport renewal in Fresno is through our website. Place your order online and then get the application and your supporting documents together. Once you have all your documents all you must do is call us to arrange a secure drop-off of your completed application. We will be ready to receive your paperwork and get it processed on time. Our service is guaranteed with our reliable team of experienced travel experts.

As we are the fastest accredited one-stop passport shop, Travel Visa Pro can expedite your passport renewal in as little as 8 hours. At Travel Visa Pro, we have the experience and training to assist all our customers in getting an expedited passport application on time without the headaches.

If you’re traveling on an urgent business trip you will need a company letter, signed by an authorized company representative, and listing the travel details as proof of your travel itinerary. If you’re traveling for other reasons, you will need to provide some form of itinerary or travel bookings as proof of your intended date of departure from the US. If you cannot provide any of the above-mentioned supporting documents, TVP can help you complete and submit an Intended Immediate Travel explanation form which is available on our web site.