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Let’s say you’re travelling overseas, you’ll need a passport right? Right. We can help you with getting a new passport, renewing your passport, finding out what to do about a damaged or lost passport, getting a second passport or getting your children sorted for their passports. Our experts are there to help you get the passport service you need, whether it’s expedited in a week or longer.

You can apply for a visa online to a most countries. If you want to travel to Australia, Tonga, Brazil, Russia, Lebanon, Mexico or where ever else, we’ve got the knowledge to help you. For those who are VIPs, consider our Concierge Service. These services will make sure everything is right with your paperwork and give you immediate assistance when you require it. Ask us about these services and we’ll find out that’s right for you.


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Do you need documents authenticated or to use an embassy legalization service? Our all encompassing service includes document apostille and authentication, document notarization, Secretary of State attestation for all 50 states, US Department of State attestation and embassy authentication. We can take care of personal documentation such as adoption documents, bills of sale, car titles, death certificates, FBI background checks, police records, state background checks, school diplomas, university degrees and more. For business customers, we can help you with certificates of origin, FDA certificates, pharmaceutical certificates, references and job certifications plus others, just ask!

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