Passport Photos in Houston

If you’re planning to use Houston as your escape to South or Central America, you’re going to want to check your passport is up to date. If not, getting a photo that’s acceptable to the US State Department is a necessity for processing your application without any delays. At Travel Visa Pro in Houston office, conveniently located close to downtown where there are a number of foreign consulates, our staff can take your passport photo and application in one go.


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First Time Taking Passport Photos?


Just face the camera with both eyes open. You’re not allowed more than a “natural smile”, i.e. with your mouth closed. No head coverings are permitted unless they are specifically for religious or medical purposes. As of November 2016, the US Department of State declared glasses may no longer be worn in passport photos.

Travel Visa Pro can take your picture for any applications you might have. If you’re planning on taking the extra photos with you, just remember any application generally requires pictures be taken within six months to ensure accuracy. The travel experts at our Houston office take your pictures against a white background and size them for any applications processed in the US.


Changing your appearance after your first trip?


What if your appearance changes in the next ten years during the validity of your passport book? There’s good news: immigration officials are understanding of facial hair, shorter hair, even differently colored hair and standard piercings. However, should you show up with certain aspects of your appearance changed, you may have to apply for a new passport. It’s important to keep this in mind when you have your picture taken for the first time.

Changes to your face – anything visible on camera – like multiple piercings, facial tattoos, or radical weight loss/gain may cause immigration to reject your entry or departure. In addition, no uniforms or camouflage clothing may be worn.


Passport Photos in Houston, TX


Choosing to have your passport photos taken at one of Travel Visa Pro’s nine offices not only saves you a trip to the pharmacy, but ensures your photos will be looked over by experts who understand what types of pictures consular offices are sure to accept without delays. Just $20 will get you two photos good for any number of applications. Are you ready to come in and smile for the camera?



Where to get passport photos in Houston?

Every passport application must accompany two colored and passport-sized photographs. If you are using our concierge services, you can always upload digital photos and our specialists will use these for the application. For physical applications, you can get your photos professionally taken at our office at 2401 Fountain View Dr #461B, Houston, TX 77057.


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