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When using legal documents across borders or sharing them with people who speak a different language than yours, you must get them translated. However, you cannot undertake this task independently and instead require hiring a professional legal translator. Why? Legal documents comprise legal jargon and technicalities. If these are not comprehensively covered in the translated documents, this could create legal loopholes that could disadvantage you or the other party. Therefore, rather than leave anything to chance, we advise that you always get your legal documents translated and certified before using them.

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Below are some of the most important legal documents that require translation services from English to other languages and vice versa:

Immigration Documents

Whether you are immigrating to or emigrating from the United States, you must provide documents to support this move. These documents enable the host country to get more information about you and decide your status accordingly. Unfortunately, if you do not speak the language in the host country, communicating your needs to the government may prove to be challenging. So, to avoid any delays or major setbacks during the immigration process, we advise that you get your documents translated before leaving your home country.

Personal Licenses and Documents

Everything from your birth certificate to your marriage license requires translation if you use it in another country that uses a language different from yours. For example, if you are a US citizen planning to marry in Mexico, you must have your legal documents translated into Spanish before leaving the US. The same goes for when you are traveling to another country for a long time and will require to use your legal documents for legal or business reasons. Get the certified translation services done in time so you can have the documents ready when requested.

Financial Documents

You may need to provide financial data to the government or even financial organizations, whether for immigration processes or other reasons. While the facts and figures will not change, translating these documents makes it easier for the receiving parties to make heads or tails of the figures. Of course, you must entrust this task with a legal translator who will not alter the factual details of the document. Otherwise, the financial figures may not carry the same meaning as intended.

Legal Patents

Intellectual property is a murky legal area that requires you to proceed with caution to protect your innovations. But to do so, you must have copies of the patents in a language used in the host country. So, for example, when traveling to a French-speaking country, you cannot use patents written in English. Instead, you would require getting the patents translated to meet the legal requirements of the host country.

Education Documents

Not all translated documents fall under legal documents. But if you are heading to another country to study or for employment reasons, you will need translated academic transcripts to prove your academic proficiency. Document translation services must ensure that the information is specific and does not alter the facts, e.g., grades and years. Moreover, the translator cannot add information that was previously not on the original document.

Translating legal documents by yourself can be confusing, especially when you are not clear on the translation requirements. Hiring a professional document translation company in Houston that specializes in translating legal documents can help you reduce delays and avoid any legal loopholes in the future.

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Moreover, our translation services by language cover both to and from English translations. From Arabic to Italian down to Spanish translations, these are but a few of the languages we have to offer. Using our certified translated documents worldwide should not pose any problems to you.

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