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There are plenty of reasons why someone might require a new or replacement passport at incredibly short notice. Sometimes you may even need to renew your passport in order to travel on that same day. Your passport may have become damaged and you have to travel for an urgent business meeting or you could have a family emergency where you have to travel to another country at short notice. A damaged passport is no longer valid which can prevent you from leaving the country. Or maybe you have got a fantastic vacation coming up but your passport has gone missing, this is a more common than you might think!

Even if you do have a passport in your hands, it may not have enough remaining validity to enable you to enter the country you are planning on visiting. Some countries can demand a minimum of six months remaining validity in a passport to allow entry so you must always check the expiry date of your passport before you travel to avoid any complications. Also, passports have such a long validity it can be an afterthought to check the expiry date, but this is vital as you will not be able to travel if it has expired!


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Fortunately, Travel Visa Pro in Jacksonville has an office located right in the heart of Jacksonville, in Downtown at 50 N. Laura Street where you can submit your application for a renewed or brand new passport. There is no longer any need to waste time travelling to Miami to sort out any issues as you can receive a consuktation from one of our specialists either over the phone or online. Then just simply drop your application and documents at the Traevl Visa Pro offce. It’s a perfect location if you need to travel straight to Jacksonville International Airport after collecting your passport as it is less than 30 minutes away.

Jacksonville residents can receive a new or replacement passport to suit any timeframe, even if it is needed later that day. This same day passport in Jacksonville service is priced at $599 and a new passport is guaranteed within eight hours of submitting your application so you will be ready to travel overseas immediately.


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