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Travel Visa Pro offers a passport drop-off and pick-up service for a passport renewal in Kansas City. Although we offer full services at five major US cities, we are also situated everywhere else, making it easier to get your travel documents on time, irrespective of where you live.

The frequency may be few and far between but imagine having to leave the country immediately, but your passport is no longer valid. We’ve seen a lot of dramatic situations in the past to know what to expect and what to avoid. The experienced and trained experts at Travel Visa Pro in Kansas City can provide solid and accurate advice for the best guidance in getting your new passport quickly.


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Kansas City Passport Renewal Service


The following criteria will determine if you are eligible for a passport renewal:

  • Current passport is undamaged
  • Current passport is not older than 15 years
  • You can present legal documentation as evidence for any name change. If you have changed your name since the issue of your last passport, it is necessary that you have documents to prove this. It can be a marriage certificate or a court order showing the name change. This must be original paperwork and it will be returned to you after processing.

Where you don’t meet the renewal criteria, you’ll have to apply for a New Passport. And, where you do meet the renewal requirements, you can count on us to expedite your passport renewal in Kansas City.

Visit Travel Visa Pro’s website to access our online passport services. You will be able to select the package that it most convenient and reasonable for you. Depending on the urgency of your international trip, you can choose one of the following passport services:

  • $149 for a passport in 12-18 business days
  • $199 for a passport in 7-11 business days
  • $299 for a passport in 4-6 business days
  • $429 for a passport in 2-3 business days
  • $599 for a passport in 1 business days

Note it is important to speak to our agents and book the same day or next day services in advance.



Before delivering any documentation to your TVP office in Kansas City, you must have completed the Form DS-82 online and submitted it to the US State Department to get your barcode printed on the application. Print and sign a copy for your application paperwork.

It is crucial to include your most recent US passport book. This is returned to you once the application is processed. Include two, color and recent passport photos. A photo measuring 2” x 2” inches will be valid provided you are not wearing glasses, clothing that obstructs the face and neck, or head gear.

The fastest way to get your passport renewal in Kansas City is through our website. Place your order, get your documents together, and then call us to drop-off your completed application. We will be ready to receive your documentation and get it processed according to your specified lead times. Our service is guaranteed with our reliable team of travel experts.

Being an accredited one-stop passport shop, Travel Visa Pro can expediate your passport renewal in as little as 8 hours. Our purpose is to assist US citizens in obtaining their travel documents on time. It can turn into a headache if you have to hunt down paperwork you haven’t seen in years. We’ve encountered stranger-than-fiction situations that required the most critical response to get passports issued on time. So, we know what it takes to avoid delays and remove the obstacles.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Kansas City


If you’re traveling urgently for work purposes, a company letter detailing the itinerary will be accepted as proof of travel. If its urgent but not for work, you will need to provide some form of itinerary or travel bookings to show evidence of the intended departure from the US. If you cannot provide any of the above, you must include the completed form for Intended Immediate Travel. It will be up to the US State Department to determine if the need is justified, which could result in delays.

Once you have all the paperwork in hand, you can call Travel Visa Pro and drop your application off for an expedited, hassle-free process. The moment your new passport is ready, we will alert you immediately to collect the passport at your local TVP pick-up location. Our office is located at 107 W 9th St, 2nd Floor, Kansas City.

Be sure to check and double check your application requirements before placing the order online.


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