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Are you in need of a passport in a hurry? We have got an expedited passport service that can have a passport to you in a week, just inquire about that to one of our customer service representatives. We can help you with new passport applications, passport renewals, damaged or lost passports, getting a second passport or sorting out passports for the little ones.

Our visa service will get you to where you are going. We have got contacts in embassies across the world and can have your visa processed quickly. We can get you a visa for some places, including but not limited to Algeria, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Kiribati, Saudi Arabia and Laos.


Call us at (720) 227-9442 or order our services online


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Let’s say you want more from our service. Ask us about our concierge or Executive Choice services. We will go out of our way to help you 24/7, answer any questions you have and prioritize you to fix up any issues you have. Without Executive Choice Service, you will have our top guy, the owner of Travel Visa Pro, there to speak to with you.

For document authentication and embassy legalization, we can provide you with document apostille and authentication, document notarization, Secretary of State attestation for all 50 states, US Department of State attestation and embassy authentication. It does not matter if it is for personal or business reasons, we are the professionals who can get the job done.

Apply online and chat to one of our representatives or come into our local office for a chat. We can have you sorted out and on your way, whatever your time frame or requirements. Visit our office in Denver for our expedited service.


Our closest office is located in Denver:


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