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Ever since it became necessary for residents of Texas to carry passport books or cards instead of driver’s licenses to cross the border, Laredo has been flooded with applications for Texans needing to update their travel documents. Getting a passport in a remote Texas town like Laredo might seem like a challenge with no official US Department of State passport agencies or otherwise in sight, but nothing is difficult when you have Travel Visa Pro by your side.


Expedited Passport in Laredo


Not only can we get you a new passport in Laredo at our nearby Houston office, but assist with any of your other travel needs: second passports, passports for children, visas to Central and South American countries. Even if you’re planning to cross the border the same week, don’t hesitate to contact our staff; in many cases we’re able to process expedited passports in Laredo in as little as eight hours. Whatever your needs, our passport renewal agency in Laredo is here to provide.


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