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China is one of the more popular destinations for tourists and business people, and with good reasons why. The visa application process can be tricky, and you need the professionals to guide you through. Did you know that one mistake on your application can mean time delays and extra costs? Well, to save you time and money using our Form Fill service. We have the best consultants who will search through your paperwork for any mistakes or missed questions, asking you to clarify anything or for more information. If you need extra documentation, we will advise on what you need and how to get a China visa in Las Vegas.

Getting a China visa in Las Vegas is easy. Find the visa form online and come into us with a US passport with at least six months validity, a passport photo and travel details (flight, accommodation, and itinerary) and we will get to work making sure you get the right visa for your needs. If you happen to be transiting through a major transport hub in China, we will be able to get a transit visa for 24-, 72- or 144-hours, depending on the city.

Business clients can ask us about our flagship concierge and Executive Choice options. We go above and beyond what you expect from a visa service, using our contacts in the Chinese consulate, speaking up for you when you need help and answering any questions you have.

Maybe you are traveling sooner rather than later and need a visa right away. Well then, you need to visit Travel Visa Pro in Las Vegas to use our expedited service. Within 8 hours we can have your visa to you, and you can use our expedited passport service if you need one of those as well.


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China Visa in Las Vegas


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