Long Beach Embassy Legalization Services

Angeles is one of the major international travel hubs in the United States. Many travelers around the surrounding Los Angeles area also take advantage of the embassies found in Los Angeles. Those of you located in Long Beach can now take advantage of these same services locally without having to travel to Los Angeles. Travel Visa Pro offers Long Beach Embassy Legalization Services at our newest office in the LA area.

Travel Visa Pro in Long Beach offers Authentication, Apostille, Certification, Attestation, Certification and Embassy Legalization services. Embassy Legalization services are especially important for students, business travelers, or other miscellaneous travel reasons.

Embassy Legalization is the process of authentication legal documents that you received from your own country to be recognized abroad. These documents range from personal to business purposes. Some of the most common personal documents that require embassy legalization are marriage certificates, birth/death certificates, and university degrees. Common business documents that must be processed by embassy legalization are invoices, patents, trademarks, etc. Each of these and other related documents must be legalized if you will require their use while traveling.

Long Beach Embassy Legalization Services are easy with Travel Visa Pro. All embassy legalization processes in the LA area must go through the respective embassies located in and around LA. Our office operates as a drop-off and pick-up location. This saves you the trip into LA or having to ship the documents on your own. Our 3-step process makes it simple for receiving the proper legalization forms right when you need them.

The first step is to receive a FREE quote. We recommend contacting us prior to sending in your documents to ensure that you have all the required information and completed correctly. This will make the legalization process much faster, especially for expedited services.

The second step is to submit your documents. Our on-location staff will receive your documents and handle all of the logistics of getting them to the correct embassy in LA.


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Long Beach Embassy Legalization Services


The third step is picking up your processed documents. You will receive confirmation throughout the entire process to keep you updated on the status of the legalization process. You will be notified when your documents are back in our Long Beach office and ready for pick up.


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