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Travel Visa Pro is recommended to the passport agency in Los Angeles where you can get an expedited passport. Getting a passport no longer has to be a hassle before your trip. LA is a major travel hub and going to so many places for different services can take forever, especially with the traffic. Travel Visa Pro is a one stop shop for your passport in Los Angeles.


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If you are in a hurry with your passport needs, you should contact Travel Visa Pro, otherwise, you can visit the Los Angeles Passport Agency. We’ll help you to avoid common delays in getting your passport such as incomplete applications or not having the submission requirements. Getting a passport used to take weeks, maybe even a month before your received it when you apply with the passport agency in Los Angeles. With us, you can get your passport in the same day. There are even options for next day or with a few days, depending on your travel date.

Travel Visa Pro in Los Angeles will save time and money when applying for your passport. We’ll even help you with passport renewal. Passports must be in a specific condition including not being expired, having enough blank pages, and in overall good physical condition. If it fails either of these conditions, you’ll need a new passport. You will have to send in your old passport for us to process the new one. We have a network of offices around the US that create our ability to provide exceptional service when getting your passport.


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