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The “gate” in Margate, Florida comes from the city’s role as a gateway to Broward County. If you’re a resident of Margate that’s eager to take a trip abroad in the near future and aren’t sure where to begin, why not pay Travel Visa Pro a visit?

There are dozens of passport acceptance facilities all throughout the Sunshine State, but wouldn’t you rather divide the usual wait time for passports in half and give yourself the flexibility to go on a trip whenever you desire? Travel Visa Pro has an office located in Miami where you can take full advantage of our expedited passport services in addition to passport application assistance. We even offer renewals that process within eight hours; service this incredible is hard to come across!

Whether you’re ready to replace a stolen passport or this is your first attempt at getting your hands on a travel document of any kind, Travel Visa Pro is prepared to assist you with all of the paperwork. Our agents provide travelers with unmatched service, taking special care to get you your passport quickly so that you can begin your adventure sooner rather than later. Many people appreciate the convenience of heading to the post office to apply for a passport, but that process can take as long as eight weeks. Travel Visa Pro can have you ready to catch your flight in half the time. If that’s not convenience, we don’t know what is.


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Wouldn’t you rather kick stress to the curb and focus on planning your itinerary? Give our passport renewal agency in Margate the opportunity to give you a great travel experience. Come pay a visit to our Miami office to learn all about the services we provide!


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