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Marietta is one of Atlanta’s largest suburbs and as it is just a 30 minute trip to Downtown Atlanta, you could be forgiven for thinking that there was little to see in Marietta itself. However, the city boasts an enviable and widespread historic district that draws visitors from Atlanta. Although on the doorstep of one off the largest cities in the country, Marietta still manages to maintain a distinctive identity and a vibrant community.

Of course, there are plenty of benefits of having Atlanta so close at hand; it is an ideal location if you need to pop into the city to indulge in the world-class restaurants or shopping options, or just to run some errands!

There is Atlanta’s large and very well-connected airport on the edges of the city, with a huge range of potential vacation options. Just make sure that you have a valid passport and it hasn’t been misplaced! If you do realize that you need a new or replacement passport then you can simply head into Travel Visa Pro’s Atlanta office in Sandy Springs to seek expert advice from the specialists here who will handle all aspects of your application and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. These experts will provide an efficient and hassle-free service ensuring your application is completed promptly.


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Anyone needing a replacement passport at short notice, maybe you have an urgent business meeting that requires you to travel, can also visit our passport renewal agency in Marietta where you can apply through an expedited passport service to guarantee that your passport will arrive in time, even if it is needed later that same day!


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