Passport Renewal in Miami

Travel Visa Pro in Miami offers a secure drop-off and pick-up service for a passport renewal. Besides our five fully-serviced offices in Washington DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, we also provide secure drop-off and pick-up passport services at every other city and town to assist you regardless of your location.

If your international travel is for a family emergency or an urgent unplanned business crisis, our experienced and trained experts at Travel Visa Pro can provide solid and accurate advice and the best guidance for a passport renewal in Miami.

To meet the criteria for you to be eligible for a passport renewal, your current passport needs to be undamaged and presentable, not older than 15 years and issued when you were 16 years or older. You are also eligible for a passport renewal if you have had a name change since your passport was issued. This could be due to marriage, divorce or a court order showing the name change. If your name has changed you will just need to submit the original legal documentation as evidence. You need to submit the original paperwork in your supporting documentation when you drop off the application. The original documentation will be returned once your passport is ready for collection.


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Miami Passport Renewal Service


In the event you do not meet the renewal criteria, you’ll have to apply for a New Passport. If you do meet the renewal requirements, you can count on us to expedite your passport renewal.

Start the process by visiting Travel Visa Pro’s website to access our online passport services. You will be able to select the package that is most convenient and reasonable for you. Depending on the urgency of your international trip, you can choose one delivery speed of the passport.

In the event you need the Emergency Services you need to urgently call our agents to book these services in advance. Be sure to check and double check your application requirements before placing the order online.



Before you deliver any documentation to our TVP office in Miami, you must have completed the Form DS-82 online and submitted it to the US State Department to get your 2D barcode printed on the application. You will then need to print two copies and sign them in black or blue pen ink. Ensure that all the information is accurate and that the form is completed in full to avoid any unnecessary delays.

The supporting documentation for your application needs to include your most recent US passport book. This is returned to you once the application is processed. Include two recent color passport photos (do not wear glasses or any clothing that obstructs the head or neck). You will also need to provide a travel itinerary for your international travel, a completed TVP form allowing us to act on your behalf and a check made out to the US Department of State.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Miami


The supporting documents for proof of travel can be a travel itinerary showing the dates of your departure from the US or you can submit a letter from your employer confirming your absence or if traveling for work purposes. The employer’s letter needs to be on an official corporate letterhead providing the travel details. The employer’s letter needs to be signed by an authorized company representative. If you cannot supply any of these documents, then TVP can assist by providing you with the Intended Immediate Travel explanation form required by the US State Department.

If you need any advice or guidance do not hesitate to call our well trained and experienced staff to do a document double-check at a nominal fee. Our service is guaranteed with our reliable team of passport experts as our purpose is to assist US citizens in obtaining their travel documents on time.

Once you have all the paperwork in hand, you can call Travel Visa Pro and drop your application for an expedited, hassle-free process to get your passport renewal in Miami. We will be ready to receive your documentation and get it processed according to your specified lead times requested in your online order. The moment your new passport is ready, we will alert you immediately to collect the new passport at your local TVP office.



How to Renew Passport in Miami?

You can make an appointment with the Travel Visa Pro Miami specialists to get your passport renewed in Miami. By providing an original copy of the required documents, recent passport, and photos, you can have your passport renewed as fast as few days.

Where to Renew Passport in Miami?

Travel Visa Pro Miami office is a place where you can have your passport renewed within a few days. It’s important to provide all required documents, including photos and old passport.

How to Get a US Passport Renewal in Miami?

Firstly, you should contact one of Travel Visa Pro experts and will fill out a passport renewal application form, i.e. DS-82. Next, you will provide the relevant information and old passport to go through government offices for renewal.

How to Renew Children’s Passport in Miami?

All under-16 children get a passport that is only valid for 5 years. If the child is above 16 years of age, the passport renewal might be slightly different than the application form DS-82. Travel Visa Pro can help you with the process of renewing your child’s passport.

How to Renew a Passport Urgently in Miami?

For the fastest available passport renewal option you should contact our Travel Visa Pro Miami representative. Once you provide all the necessary documents, you can opt for expedite option to receive the renewed passport in as little as few days.

Where to Apply for Renewal of the US Passport in Miami?

The answer depends on how quickly you need your passport renewed. For the fastest option, feel free to reach out to Travel Visa Pro specialists in Miami. In case it is not urgent and you have multiple spare weeks, contact the Miami Passport Agency drectly.


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