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Traveling internationally from Milwaukee no longer has to be a hassle. For the best substitute to the passport agency in Milwaukee, Travel Visa Pro has a friendly staff that is ready to assist you. Our office specializes in expedited passport service. You’ll have your passport with plenty of time before your trip.


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If you are in a hurry with your passport needs, you should contact Travel Visa Pro, otherwise, you can visit the Milwaukee Passport Agency. Although you can apply directly through the passport agency in Milwaukee for your passport, many travelers experience significant delays when doing so. It can typically take a few weeks to over a month before you get a passport. We understand that you may not have that long before your trip. Our company provides travelers with a range of delivery options for getting your passport. For the most urgent requests, you can receive your passport within eight hours of applying thanks to our same day service.

Travel Visa Pro is also able to assist with passport renewals. If you don’t travel internationally often, your passport may already be expired when you go to use it. You will have to mail in your old passport book to our office along with your application to complete the processing of your new one. Once you submit your application and supplement materials to us, you’re all set. We will take care of the logistics of getting it processed and delivered to you. We take the hassle away from applying for a passport on your own.


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