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Minneapolis isn’t one of the biggest international travel hubs in the US but there are many local resources for traveling abroad. Instead of a trip to the passport agency in Minneapolis, you can apply for an expedited passport through Travel Visa Pro. We offer a fast and easy service to take away the hassle of preparing for your international trip.


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Minneapolis Passport Agency


Whether you’re traveling abroad for vacation, business, or personal reasons, you will need to have a passport before your trip. Many people are stuck with visiting the passport agency in Minneapolis. If you are in a hurry with your passport needs, you should contact Travel Visa Pro, otherwise, you can visit Travel Visa Pro in Minneapolis. We are chosen over going directly through a government office because of the time that we save you in the process. Many people experience significant delays with the passport process such as not submitting a complete application or missing some of the required supplements. Our staff has years of experience with the passport application process and can ensure that you have everything necessary before you submit it to us.

Many people consider applying for passports a hassle because it can sometimes take weeks, if not more than a month to finish processing. We provide travelers a same day service where you can get your passport as quick as eight hours. Passport renewals will require you to mail in your old passport with your application. Once you submit your application, we’ll take care of the logistics of getting it submitted to the office, processed, and back in your hands before your trip. Our company is the most convenient option.


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