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Travel Visa Pro in Minneapolis is an accredited agency who can assist with your passport renewal. Our travel experts are trained and experienced to help you with every step of the application and get the process completed.

Depending on your situation, you may need to complete the same process as is required for a new passport application. If you lost your passport or it was stolen or damaged, or it was issued more than 15 years ago, then your requirements will differ for a New Passport application.

If you currently have an undamaged US passport that was issued when you were over 16 years old and in the past 15 years, you should be able to meet the criteria for a normal passport renewal. You will still be able to apply for a passport renewal even if you have changed your name e.g. through marriage or adoption. All you must do is ensure you include the legal documentation proving proves your name was officially changed.


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Frequent international travelers should monitor the number of blank passport pages and infrequent travelers must check their expiration date. Most countries require a minimum of two blank pages for visas and border control stamps. To prevent visitors from overstaying their welcome, it is required that passports must not expire within six months after the travel dates.

Travel Visa Pro has five offices that provide full services such as consultations and document checking services.  All our other office situated across the country offer passport drop-off and pick-up services. This means you can deliver your application and paperwork to us, so we can get in processed promptly. You’ll then be able to collect it at the same point. Call us now for your expedited passport renewal in Minneapolis.

To commence your passport renewal application, visit TVP’s website and use our online passport renewal service to place your order. It’s a simple process you can start with a click of a button.

If you require additional services, then speak to our agents Travel Visa Pro who will provide the most up to date and helpful advice to make the process as easy as possible.

Because our Minneapolis location does not provide document review services, you will have to ensure you checked and understood all the passport requirements before delivering the paperwork to us. When you get online with TVP, you can specify the passport service required and proceed through the application.

Our site will link you to the US State Department’s website to complete and submit the Form DS-82 for passport renewals. Print copies of the completed application to be included in your final submission.

You need to provide your current passport or most recently expired US passport if it is not badly damaged. The passports will act as supporting documentation and will be returned with the new passport on collection. Remember if your passport cannot be presented with your application, you must follow the New Passport process (DS-11) with its own requirements.

For your passport renewal in Minneapolis the following must also be included: two identical and recent color passport photographs (without glasses) and proof of travel, like an international travel itinerary indicating your intended date of departure from the US.

For urgent business travel where you are unable to submit an itinerary, the US State Department will accept an official letter from your employer (on their official company letterhead) stating your relevant travel details. The letter needs to be signed by an authorized company representative. If travelling to Canada or Mexico, hotel reservations will be accepted. However, if you are visiting these countries by land or sea, you will be able to present your US passport card (if you have one).


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In the event you cannot provide a travel itinerary or a work travel letter, you can download a statement from the Travel Visa Pro website. You will need to complete and sign the statement as part of the application.



Travel Visa Pro requires that you complete and sign the Letter of Authorization to allow us to process your passport renewal application with the US state Department. All the application forms and letters need to be signed in black or blue pen ink before being submitted at the drop-off location in Minneapolis.

If you have a second US passport that expired, you can follow the same renewal process with additional requirements such as a second passport renewal request statement. Your renewed second passport is only valid for four years. This application requires you to submit both passports.


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