Expedited Passport in Montgomery, AL

Anyone who lives in Montgomery can attest to its lucrative job market that keeps rising even as other cities suffer a decline. But more than that, it also has a wide variety of fun activities, fabulous restaurants, and great nightlife spots. Leaving does not come easy to the residents – but they must sometimes leave for work, business, school, or even vacation. And when the time comes to seek such opportunities, having a passport becomes paramount. Getting a passport in Montgomery, AL, may seem easy on paper, as this is the capital city. However, it could be months before you get your passport unless you take advantage of Travel Visa Pro’s expedited passport services in Montgomery.


Expedited Passport in Montgomery

Ideally, you should get a passport in Montgomery, AL, approximately 10 weeks after making your application. However, mail service delays can extend this waiting period to 18 or more weeks, forcing you to wait months before you can get your passport. While the state passport offices offer expedited processes, these usually take 7 or more weeks. And when there are mail service delays, you can wait 12 or more weeks.

Anyone who needs to travel urgently cannot wait this long. And thankfully, you do not need to wait this long when working with Travel Visa Pro. We are an expert passport agency in Montgomery that offers you the chance to expedite your passport to days or weeks. Our website breaks down possible timelines from a few days to a few weeks, enabling you to choose how fast you want to get your passport.

What’s more, we also offer expedited rush and emergency passport services in Montgomery. While these often take a week to process using routine procedures, we can get you a passport within days or even one business day! To organise these priority services, you can always talk to our agents at +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472).

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Passport Renewal in Montgomery

When your passport expires or nears its expiry date, you will need to embark on a passport renewal in Montgomery, AL. This process is relatively easy as you only need to provide the following:

  • A complete DS-82 form,
  • Two identical passport photos, and
  • Your most current passport.

Travel Visa Pro can ease the process even more by expediting it and allowing you to get your passport in just days. All you do is send your documents to our Montgomery offices, and we will get you a passport within the stipulated timeline.

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Passport Agency in Montgomery

You should never have to miss your flight or cancel your travel plans because you do not have a passport. We are here to help you process a passport in Montgomery, AL, in just a few days. We also offer facilitation services, including:

  • Concierge services,
  • Document review, and
  • Form-filling services.

Let us take the bulk of the work off your hands so you can focus on your most imminent travel needs.


Passport Services in Montgomery

Do you need a new passport in Montgomery, AL, or are you hoping to get a passport renewal in Montgomery, AL? Our passport services in Montgomery cater to these and more passport needs, including children’s passports, name changes, and second passports. Reach out to us and get started on processing your new passport, which should be out in days!



How to Get a Passport in Montgomery, AL?

Getting a passport in Montgomery is easy. You only need to provide sufficient proof of identification and citizenship, fill out the DS-11 form, and attach two recent and colored passport photos. You can ease the passport application process even more by signing a letter of authorization, allowing Travel Visa Pro to fast-track the entire process.

Where to Get a Passport in Montgomery, AL?

There are two options when getting a passport in Montgomery. The first is the standard approach, where you rely on state passport offices, and the process can drag on for weeks to months. The better approach is sending your documents to the Travel Visa Pro Alabama offices, allowing us to fast-track your application within days.


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