Expedited Passport in Norfolk, VA

Realizing that you need a passport weeks before departing the U.S. is more common than you may think. Maybe you forgot that you need to renew it or lost or damaged your passport. Many circumstances can render you passportless days before your departure. And when time is not on your side, processing a standard passport will not work – after all, you do not have months of waiting to spare.

But before you throw in the towel, here’s a way to catch your flight – the expedited passport in Norfolk, VA! This passport can be ready in days, allowing you to push through with the original travel itinerary.


Expedited Passport in Norfolk

Looking at the standard processing time for a passport in Norfolk, VA, you will realize why many people must apply months in advance. That’s because passport processing often takes months. But applying early is not always possible. Sometimes, you apply for a passport because yours has been damaged or stolen days before your departure. And nothing could have forewarned you of such an incident.

Does that mean you cannot get a passport in Norfolk, VA, if time is not on your side? Not at all! Travel Visa Pro offers an expedited option that reduces the waiting time to a few days to weeks. And best of all, our timeframe is flexible, enabling you to choose how long you want to wait. So, if you must leave the country in a few days and have just realized you don’t have a passport, you know what to do.

Besides expediting passport applications, we act as intermediaries between you and the state department. So, you will not need to visit any passport office or stand in line. You can sit back and rest assured that our capable team will step in for you.

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Passport Renewal in Norfolk

You qualify for a passport renewal in Norfolk if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your passport was issued not more than 15 years ago,
  • Your passport is in good condition,
  • You have not lost your passport, nor has it been stolen,
  • You have not changed your name, and if you have, you have sufficient evidence to support the legal name change, and
  • You got your passport when you were at least 16 years old.

If you qualify for a renewal, you will need to compile a complete DS-82 form, two passport photos, your most recent passport, and name change documents (if applicable). Send these to our Norfolk offices, and our agents will process the renewal in just a few days.

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Passport Agency in Norfolk

Travel Visa Pro is a passport agency in Norfolk that provides a wide array of passport services in Norfolk, including:

  • New passports,
  • Second passports,
  • Name changes,
  • Children’s passports, and
  • Passport renewals.

We not only expedite these processes but also offer extra services such as form-filling, concierge, document review, and consultation to facilitate your passport application in Norfolk. Please contact +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472) for these and more services.



How to Get a Passport in Norfolk, VA?

Need a new passport in Norfolk? You only need to submit your proof of citizenship and identification, two passport photos, and a complete DS-11 form to a local acceptance agent. Our agents will guide you on where to present these application documents and will submit and expedite your application on your behalf in just days!

Where to Get a Passport in Norfolk, VA?

At Travel Visa Pro, we believe that getting a passport should not be an uphill task. That’s why we have an ideal location in Virginia where you can drop off or send your passport application documents. We will review, submit, monitor, and expedite your passport application on your behalf, getting you a passport in days!


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