Passport Renewal

Travel Visa Pro offers drop-off services throughout the USA, so we can help you with your passport renewal in Oakland. Here you will be able to deliver your application and supporting paperwork to get your passport renewed without any fuss. We’ll notify you to collect your new passport the moment its ready.

The pick-up and drop-off locations do not provide full client and passport services, however, if you speak to an agent, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Because onsite support is not be available in Oakland, you’ll need to review your application requirements and place an order online before delivering your documents.

Luckily, Oakland hosts an international airport as well as the fastest passport agency in town. So, residents don’t have to travel too far for great service.


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Oakland Passport Renewal Service


Travel Visa Pro in Oakland opened the drop-off and pick-up service to provide an increasing demand in local passport services. When you need a passport renewal in Oakland, you can be assured your application is in capable hands.

You don’t have to get stuck on the congested I-80 for hours on end or get frustrated with parking at consulates in San Francisco, you can simply head off to Oakland to get your passport application underway. The local Travel Visa Pro can accept all applications and documentation, which is securely transferred to San Francisco, so we can get your passport issued before you need to travel abroad.

Our expert staff have decades of experience managing passport renewal applications. Not only do we take care of the application, but we can do it quickly in just 1-2 business days. We can help you with an urgent passport requirement related to your budget and date of departure.

Bureaucratic paperwork can get overwhelming and intimidating so if you want a professional to take care of the process, get in touch with our team of experts. With years in the industry, they’ve seen and heard it all. Unfortunately, they’ve also seen many, many applications declined due to missing and inaccurate information.

To avoid unnecessary delays and stress, let us review your documentation to ensure your application is processed successfully and on time. Even though services are limited for a passport renewal in Oakland, we can still offer a Document Double Check service. One of the TVP experts will double check every detail to guarantee no obstacles lie ahead.

You can sign up for our Concierge Service to scan and send your application and documentation. We will review your paperwork to put our seal of approval on it. You can request the Document Double Check service for just $29. Just add this to your shopping cart when placing your passport order online.

It’s important to note that documents must be received before p.m. Monday to Friday if you’re applying for an urgent passport service. If you just realized your passport is invalid a day before you’re due to fly, then you can call Travel Visa Pro for immediate attention to help you resolve your crisis.

We can offer you the Emergency, Same Day, Next Day, Rush, Urgent, or Standard passport renewal services. If need a new passport in 8 hours, the TVP team will be available to make it all happen. Our Next Day Service is $429 if you need the passport in one business day or 10 business days for just $199. So, there’s a package to suit everyone.


 Reliable Passport Renewal in Oakland


Travel Visa Pro also offers an Executive Choice Service at $599 for personalized and prompt attention to expedite your passport renewal. Our service fees are additional to the government fees, where the US State Department requires $170 for a passport book renewal or $200 to renew both the passport book and passport card.

Travel Visa Pro has an active presence across the US and you can reach us online for expert advice and guidance. So, if you need to leave the country for an urgent matter, we can make it happen the no matter what. For the Same Day or Next Day passport renewal service, call Travel Visa Pro for an immediate reservation to ensure the service is guaranteed.

Ensure you include the following requirements for your passport renewal in Oakland:

  • Passport renewal application (Form DS-82) completed and signed with a 2D barcode.
  • Two recent and color passport photographs (without glasses).
  • Proof of travel that shows your departure from the US.
  • Supporting work letters and formal invitations.
  • Separate payment to TVP and the US State Department according to your application type.


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