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Getting a China visa in Oklahoma City is something we can do for you, no worries at all. The form is online, and all you will need to get the process started is the visa form, a US passport valid for six months, a passport photo and your travel details (flight, itinerary and accommodation information). Come to us for our Form Fill service and utilize our staff who will proofread your paperwork so you can be sure everything is right to be sent off. You do not want something like a mistake or missed questions to cost you time and money.

Some information you need to know before applying for a China visa in Oklahoma City is that the process is complicated. If you supply the wrong dates or change your travel plans, you will have to start the application process again, and residents of some states will be asked to provide their previous Chinese visas. Business clients should know they need a letter from their company and a partner in China with the details of the nature of the business you are doing. If you need any more documentation, we can tell you what you need and help you get the documents.

For those traveling in a hurry, we recommend you use our expedited visa service. Visit our Oklahoma City passport agency to speak to us and apply for an expedited visa. You will have your visa delivered within 8 hours. There is an expedited passport service as well, perfect if you need to renew or apply for a new passport.


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If you want that extra unique service, inquire about our concierge and Executive Choice options. These options second to none, these services will have our trained and magical staff step up to advocate for you if anything goes wrong and be on call should you have any questions.

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