Passport Renewal in Oklahoma City

When you have that moment where you realize you need a passport renewal in Oklahoma City…that’s when you get in touch with Travel Visa Pro. We can assist in any passport emergency that requires you to leave the country with valid travel documents. As an accredited passport agency, we can help manage your passport renewal as quickly as you need it.

Travel Visa Pro provides full services for passport and consultation purposes in five major US cities. San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Houston offer comprehensive passport and visa options that allows us to manage the paperwork hassle for you. Outside of these fully-serviced locations, we have convenient, local offices to help citizens in areas across the United States. TVP has a drop-off and pick-up service in Oklahoma City. The services may be limited but if you need further guidance or assistance, our agents are more than willing to advise you.

Before you drop-off your application for a passport renewal in Oklahoma City, you should ensure you have met the US State Department’s application requirements. Prepare the correct documentation as this is essential to avoiding delays caused by missing paperwork.


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Oklahoma City Passport Renewal Service


  • Your renewal form DS-82 must be completed and submitted online via the US State Department’s site.
  • Include two copies of the completed form displaying the barcode and ensure you’ve signed it.
  • Government processing fees are made payable with checks for $170 (passport book renewal) or $200 (passport card and passport book).
  • Proof of travel can be flight bookings to foreign countries, travel itineraries and official company work letters. If you cannot show proof of travel, download and complete the Intended Immediate Travel explanation form from our website, to submit with your application.
  • Legal proof of any name change, if required.
  • Statement requesting second passport, only when renewing your second passport.

Our service fees start at $149, so if you need a passport renewal within 2 weeks, call Travel Visa Pro to make it happen. However, if you have a more urgent trip, we can offer varied services at different rates, such as the Emergency, Next Day, Rush, Urgent, or Standard passport renewal services.

The service fees to get your passport renewed in 7-11 business days is offered at $199, or 4-6 business days for          $299. Our expedited services can ensure a new passport issued in 2-3 business days at $429 or sooner for $599.

Our Emergency Service can guarantee a renewed passport within 8 hours. If you have a life or death situation requiring you to leave the country immediately but your passport isn’t valid, call Travel Visa Pro now and we’ll manage the application hassle for you. A dedicated agent will provide efficient and personalized services for an expedited passport renewal. We provide a premium service to all US travelers.

You know it is time to renew your passport when it’s already past the expiration date, or it’s going to expire within 6 months. If the passport isn’t expiring but there’s less than two blank pages, then let Travel Visa Pro get to work on getting you a new passport. If you have two US passports and the second one expired, you can follow the standard passport renewal process as well but with an additional letter explaining why you need the second passport and its only valid for four years.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Oklahoma City


Maybe you want to consider applying for a US passport card as well? This is a credit card size duplicate of your passport and you can only present it as a valid travel document when going to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda or The Caribbean. It’s not recognized as official ID for international air travel.

If your children are over 16 years old and need their first adult passport, they will have to apply for a New Passport (form DS-11) with different application criteria. If your children are still minors (under 16) they can apply for a new or renewed Child Passport. We can help you with any passport application when you get in touch with our agents. You’ll receive expert advice and guidance to resolve any travel worries.

For a standard passport renewal in Oklahoma City, double check you have included complete and accurate information adhering to the passport renewal requirements. Ensure you have the completed application form, supporting documentation and applicable letters, along with the photos and service fees. Place your passport order with us online and call us to arrange the drop-off of your application.



How to Renew a Passport in Oklahoma City?

You require the following documents to undertake passport renewal in Oklahoma City: a complete DS-82 form, two passport photos, and your most recent passport. Send or drop off these documents at our Travel Visa Pro Oklahoma City office, and we will review, submit, and expedite your application. You should receive a new passport in days.

Where to Renew Passport in Oklahoma City?

You can get your passport renewed at the state passport offices. Travel Visa Pro eases the application process by providing a convenient location where you can send or drop off your application documents. Our agents will review and submit your application via the state passport office and send you a new passport in just days.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Passport in Oklahoma City?

Passport renewal in Oklahoma City is subject to a government fee. Moreover, you will incur a processing fee depending on how soon you get your passport. Travel Visa Pro offers an expedited renewal timeline that ranges from a few days to a few weeks. And our website breaks down the overall cost per each timeline.

How Long Does it Take to Renew a Passport in Oklahoma City?

Your passport renewal period via the state passport office can take a few months. But with Travel Visa Pro, it can be anything from a few days to a few weeks, as we have an expedited processing system. So you can view the options and decide what will work best with your upcoming travel dates.


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