Passport Renewal in Orlando

Need to travel urgently or simply planning ahead for a holiday abroad, let Travel Visa Pro manage to your passport renewal in Orlando. We have helped thousands of US travelers reach their destination on time, without processing delays. Submitting the right documentation is vital to prevent setbacks caused by missing or inaccurate information. You will need to include the following required by the US State Department; the DS Form 82 (passport renewal application) and two recent and color passport photographs.

The government fees differ, depending on how urgent the application is and whether you’re applying for a passport book and/or card. When submitting payment, include a personal or cashier’s check payable to “U.S. Department of State” for $170.00 if applying for a passport book only. If you want to renew your passport book and passport card, the government fee is then $200.

As an accredited passport agency, we can offer expedited passport services to ensure you travel when you need to. If it’s work or family that is taking you out the country and your US passport expired, get in touch with the local Travel Visa Pro office in Orlando. Although we provide full passport and client services in five major US cities, we also have drop-off and pick-up services located throughout the country. So, if you need a passport renewal in Orlando, then simply submit your passport renewal order online and call us to arrange the drop-off of your documents.  We offer various passport services at various rates to ensure we can help any US traveler reach their destination.


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Orlando Passport Renewal Service


Travel Visa Pro can assist with your passport renewal, your first-time passport, or replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged passport. We’re available to advise and help, in any situation. Say your passport is damaged beyond recognition, got lost, or was stolen, then instead of following a renewal process, you will need to follow the new passport application process. As long as you can submit a valid, current passport issued in the last 15 years when you were over 16 years of age at the time, then you will qualify for a passport renewal.

If you have changed your name since your last passport then you must include official documentation that proves the name was legally changed. When applying for an expedited renewal, proof of travel plans is necessary to avoid delays with the application. Accepted proof contains travel itineraries booked on an airline, ferry, or train showing your intended purpose of travel to another country. If you’re visiting Mexico or Canada, you can use your renewed passport card issued once you can show a hotel reservation or work commitment that requires you to travel.

If you are traveling on an urgent business matter, you must provide a signed, official letter from your employer, on a company letterhead that explains the need for an expedited passport renewal. Travel Visa Pro can assist you throughout the process. As one of our clients, we will need you to sign letters of authorization, so our agents can work on your behalf to get your passport on time.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Orlando


You can complete the US Passport Renewal Form DS-82 online through the US State Department’s website. Once completed, you must print, sign, and include the form when dropping your application with us. Travel Visa Pro can only accept applications that were completed online containing the 2D barcode. We also offer services that can manage the form-filling for you, so simply get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will have a service that will meet your needs.

Travel Visa Pro has locations across the US and you can reach us online for personal and prompt attention. Our travel specialists will best advise you on how to get through a passport renewal in Orlando. Our specialized service fees include a passport renewal within 12-18 business days for $149 or in 7-11 business days at $199. If you have an emergency and need to leave in a couple of days, Travel Visa Pro can assist in getting a new passport in 1-3 business days.

If you need to leave the country for an urgent matter, we can make it happen. If you need an urgent passport renewal service, call Travel Visa Pro for a reservation to ensure the service is guaranteed. We also offer premium services for corporate travelers who don’t have time to hassle about paperwork. So, let our dedicated TVP agent take care of all the details.



How to renew a passport in Orlando?

Need to renew a passport in Orlando? Don’t sweat it. Once you have your DS-82 form filled out and attached two passports and the current or most recent passport, you will be ready to start the process. You can always avoid the state office delays by counting on our qualified agents to process your renewal.

How to renew an expired passport in Orlando?

If your passport has expired, you must submit it to the state office along with two colored passport photos and a filled out DS-82 form. The application can take weeks to months to process. But you can always shorten this waiting period by having our agents make the application on your behalf.

Where to renew passport in Orlando?

Every passport renewal application must take place at the state office. However, you skip the lines and instead hire a qualified agent to make and follow up on the application. You can find us at our office at 111 N Orange Ave #800, Orlando, FL 32801, apply via our website, or call us at 833-887-8472.

How much does it cost to renew a passport in Orlando?

Did you know that we do not charge the same for all our passport renewal services in Orlando? Instead, we craft our quotes based on the processing time you choose. Please look at our service tiers and choose the most suitable one for your travel plans. Or call us at 833-887-8472 for a quote.

How long does it take to renew a passport in Orlando?

We know that some of our clients need emergency passport renewals, and we are happy to expedite their applications to meet the looming timelines. You can choose between our rush and emergency services, which take days to complete. Or go with our standard options, which can take up to five weeks to complete.


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