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With offices throughout the US, Travel Visa Pro offers a drop-off service for your passport renewal in Philadelphia. Besides our five fully-serviced offices in Washington DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, we also provide drop-off and pick-up passport services at every other city and town to assist all US citizens regardless of their location.

If your US passport was issued in the last 15 years after 16 years of age, but has expired or is expiring soon, you can get your passport renewal expedited by using Travel Visa Pro in Philadelphia services. If your passport hasn’t expired, but there’s only one blank page left for border control stamps, you will still need to get your passport renewed. Almost all countries require each passport holder to have a minimum of two blank pages available. If your passport has less than six months till it expires, you will need your passport renewed before travelling internationally.

In the event you have lost your US passport, or it was stolen or badly damaged and it cannot be presented with the application, then you will need to complete a New Passport application as you do not meet the criteria for a standard passport renewal.


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Philadelphia Passport Renewal Service


Travel Visa Pro has multiple services to ensure that any US citizen can obtain a passport renewal in Philadelphia, whether you need the Emergency, Standard, Urgent, or Executive Choice packages. The Emergency passport service can get a renewal passport issued as fast as a few days.


Our online ordering service allows you to choose and order the package that best suits your needs. If it’s an expedited passport renewal, or you need your second passport renewed, the experts at Travel Visa Pro are there to help you every step of the way.

The process is started by selecting which passport renewal package you require and completing the order.

If the international travel is by land or sea and you are only going as far as Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean or Bermuda then you can present your valid US passport card without having the passport book for border control. For international air travel to any other destinations, you will require a full 52-page US passport book, so if you need to renew either the book or the card, or both. Travel Visa Pro can offer the fastest service to meet your travel requirements.

The US State Department requires separate processing fees via checks payable to the “US Department of State”. Their fees range between $170 and $200, for a passport and/or passport card.

Travel Visa Pro offers a wide range of passport services to assist you with your international travels. Our professional staff will help you in making the process as simple and easy as possible.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Philadelphia


Once you have ordered the passport renewal service it is essential to check that the paperwork is fully completed. Incomplete forms or missing supporting documentation will lead to unnecessary delays. Be sure to include your completed passport renewal application (Form DS-82) printed with the 2D barcode and signed in blue or black pen ink, two recent color passport photographs (without glasses), proof of your travel itinerary, your current US passport, and the applicable government fee separate to our service fee.

If you have changed your name since your current passport was issued, you will need to include the legal documentation as proof. Additional supporting documents for proof of travel can be a travel itinerary showing the dates of your departure from the US or you can submit a letter from your employer confirming your absence or if traveling for work purposes. The employer’s letter needs to be on an official corporate letterhead stating the travel details and needs to be signed by an authorized company representative. If you cannot supply any of these documents, then TVP can assist by providing you with the Intended Immediate Travel explanation form required by the US State Department.

For your passport renewal in Philadelphia, order online and prepare your supporting documentation. Contact our local agents to arrange the drop-off of your passport application and supporting documentation and once your new passport has been issued, we will notify you to collect it from the same drop-off location.


How to renew a passport in Philadelphia?

To renew a passport in Philadelphia, you must comply with the Pennysylvania state rules. These include the provision of your current passport, a complete DS-82 form, passport photos, and a letter of authorization. At Travel Visa Pro, we can help you work out the kinks and simplify the application process for faster completion.

How to renew an expired passport in Philadelphia?

Is your passport expired? Not a problem – the passport renewal process is quite standard. All you need is to fill in the DS-82 form, attach the expired passport and photo, and you are good to go. You can use our agents to cut back on the processing time by avoiding delays at the state office.

Where to renew passport in Philadelphia?

Finding a place where you can renew your passport is easy. We have an office at 1500 Market Street, 12th Floor, East Tower, Philadelphia, PA 19102, where our agents can review your submission. We also accept online orders and will start working on your order as soon as you submit the requirements.

How much does it cost to renew a passport in Philadelphia?

The government fees applicable to passport renewals in Philadelphia are standard with those in all of Pennsylvania. However, there is a variation in the service charges as these relate to how fast you would like to receive your passport. Please talk to one of our agents at +1 833-887-8472 about getting an individualized quote.

How long does it take to renew a passport in Philadelphia?

Passport renewal at the state office can even take months to complete. But with Travel Visa Pro, you can cut back on time by choosing your preferred timeline. You can get it within days or choose to have it processed in the coming weeks. We also expedite the renewals, leaving the ball in your court.

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