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If you are about to head off on vacation you won’t need any additional stress so you should ensure that you know where your passport is and that it remains valid. Just imagine your panic if you discover that you have lost your passport or it has expired just before you are leaving to go on vacation!

Fortunately, if this does happen then Travel Visa Pro has the answer. You can contact Travel Visa Pro in Phoenix to start the simple process of applying for a new or replacement passport to suit your time frame. There is no need to waste a great deal of time and money flying to Los Angeles or San Francisco to speak to an expert and apply for a new passport. Instead you can receive a consultation online or over the phone and then submit your documents at Travel Visa Pro in Phoenix. Travel Visa Pro is located less than 10 miles from downtown Phoenix and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport so is ideally positioned if you are short on time and need to head straight to the airport to catch a flight as soon as you’ve received your newly approved passport.


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Phoenix Same Day Passport Services


It costs $599 to apply for Travel Visa Pro’s same day passport in Phoenix service and you will receive a new or replacement valid passport within eight hours of submitting your documents.

Anyone wishing to apply for this same day service will need to provide their current or most recent passport, two copies of a recent photograph, a US passport renewal form and a copy of immediate travel plans such as a plane or cruise ticket. The specialists at Travel Visa Pro will also review and amend your documents prior to submission to minimize the risk of delays.

The experts at Travel Visa Pro will handle all aspects of the application, ensuring that a potentially highly stressful process runs smoothly. The specialists provide an efficient service and offer advice and assistance on all aspects of passport renewals so you can rest assured that you will have your passport in your hands as soon as possible allowing you to head off on vacation without any disruption to your travel plans.


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