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When you live in Plano, you’re never too far away from anything. Unfortunately, when you live in Texas, there’s a different standard for distance. Plano may not have much in the way of passport and visa services, but it still stands in the shadow of Dallas and is accessible from DFW Airport. As one of the larger suburbs in the Metroplex and part of the Lone Star State, residents of this Texas town are just as entitled to travel services as anyone in Houston or San Antonio.

Travel Visa Pro is stepping up to meet the needs of Plano residents by opening a pick up and drop off location for our services right at your doorstep. When you’re a Texan who needs assistance preparing for an international trip, whether it’s business or pleasure, Travel Visa Pro is standing by. Our staffed office in Houston in coordination with the other eight across the country have expanded to open these pick up and drop off locations in San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Arlington, Laredo, and Dallas.


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Did you just notice your passport was expired when you already booked nonrefundable tickets for a flight next week, or recently discover it was lost or stolen? If you’re planning on traveling internationally in the near future and need a replacement passport or a renewal, there’s no better place to go than Travel Visa Pro in Plano. With TVP visa and passport services available across the state, these locations help those Texans who want to save on shipping costs while still getting everything they need to travel.

The passport application process can be tricky for first-timers to navigate, and even experienced travelers may have trouble gathering the documents they need for a last-minute trip. Because bureaucracy by nature may slow things down for you, wouldn’t it be easier to let a team of experts run to the consulate on your behalf, or turn in a passport application?

If you’re planning on going to China to work for a year and need more information on the appropriate visa, contact our Houston office and they will inform you what you need to deliver to the pick up and drop off location in Plano. This office is close to foreign consulates and a US State Department regional passport center, meaning there is less distance to travel when handing in your applications.


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When was the last time you checked your passport to see when it expires and whether it has incurred any damage since your last adventurous trip? Any problems in this regard can mean a rush to get applications processed on time. Eventually, this can even lead to delayed or cancelled international flights. Having a pick up and drop off location in Plano means you don’t have to worry when these problems surface; rather than being faced with multiple wait times from mailing applications to multiple locations, Travel Visa Pro is the one-stop shop for your travel needs.

This is one reason why you should consider using Travel Visa Pro to double check or expedite your passport application. Our staff have over forty years’ experience assisting travelers, and the company offers a variety of services tailored to meet your needs. We can offer passport renewals in as little as eight hours, visa services to countries that might otherwise be difficult to obtain, and expedited service in all areas according to your departure date and budget. With the new pick up and drop off location in Plano, we’ll get your application straight to our experts in Houston without the shipping costs.


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If you’re planning a holiday to Cambodia, a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, or a business trip to Brazil, all types of visas can be facilitated by the experts at Travel Visa Pro. Our pick up and drop off services are just the beginning of what our staff around the country can offer Plano residents. Why pay to ship your documents to another company when Travel Visa Pro offers free postage and the convenience of all our services right around the corner? There are more locations and services popping up at Travel Visa Pro every year. Celebrating over ten years in business, we are the professionals in the visa and passport expediting industry you need when it comes time to travel.


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